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The UHRA is a showcase of the research produced by the University of Hertfordshire. Research in UHRA can be viewed and downloaded freely by researchers and students all over the world.

As of 09-Dec-2016, the repository contains 15512 outputs, including fulltext where copyright permits.

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  • Jennett, Charlene; Iacovides, Ioanna; Cox, Anna; Vikhanova, Anastasia; Weigold, Emily; Mostaghimi, Layla; Jones, Geraint; Jenkins, James; Gallacher, Sarah; Rogers, Yvonne (ACM Digital Library, 2016-10-16)
    We need collective action to tackle global warming. However, research shows that people switch off from being concerned about the environment because they are often too busy, or fail to appreciate their ability to make a ...
  • Kirkpatrick, Katherine (2016-05-01)
    This article argues that analytic philosophy has a “convincingness deficit”; that proponents of the analytic method’s application to questions of theology must consider whether it is the best tool for the purpose at hand; ...
  • Klemera, Elene; Brooks, Fiona; Chester, Kayleigh; Magnusson, Josefine; Spencer, Neil (2016-09-22)
    Objectives and main purpose: The aim of this paper was to examine if the multiple environments of the adolescent including family, peers, school and neighbourhood might function as protective health assets against self-harming ...
  • Kellett, Kathryn; Broome, J. Hugh; Zloh, Mire; Kirton, Stewart B.; Fergus, Suzanne; Gerhard, Ute; Stair, Jacqueline L.; Wallace, Karl J. (2016-05-16)
    An anthracene molecular probe has been synthesised and shown to target mephedrone, a stimulant drug from the cathinone class of new psychoactive substances (NPS). A protocol has been developed to detect mephedrone via the ...
  • Karavadara, Nilesh; Zolda, Michael; Nguyen, Vu Thien Nga; Knoop, Jens; Kirner, Raimund (2016-06-13)
    Dynamic voltage and frequency scaling} (DVFS) is a means to adjust the computing capacity and power consumption of computing systems to the application demands. DVFS is generally useful to provide a compromise between ...

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