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The UHRA is a showcase of the research produced by the University of Hertfordshire. Research in UHRA can be viewed and downloaded freely by researchers and students all over the world.

As of 18-Jun-2015, the repository contains 14232 outputs, including fulltext where copyright permits.

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  • Mukhin, Evgeny; Vicedo, Benoit; Young, Charles A. S. (2015-05)
    We establish the basics of the Bethe ansatz for the Gaudin model associated to the Lie superalgebra gl(m|n). In particular, we prove the completeness of the Bethe ansatz in the case of tensor products of fundamental ...
  • Ballet 
    Purcell, Kerry William (2003)
  • Purcell, Kerry William (2000)
    As the revolutionary art director of Harper’s Bazaar at its zenith (1934–58), as an educator of some of the most renowned and respected photographers in recent history, and as a photographer who, with one book, set free ...
  • Purcell, Kerry William (2003)
    In 1925, the critic, poet, and one of the founders of Surrealism, Andre Breton, posed the question: when would ‘all the books that are worth anything stop being illustrated with drawings and appear only with photographs?’ ...
  • Camera 
    Purcell, Kerry William (2005)

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