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The UHRA is a showcase of the research produced by the University of Hertfordshire. Research in UHRA can be viewed and downloaded freely by researchers and students all over the world.

As of Jul 31, 2015, the repository contains 14334 outputs, including fulltext where copyright permits.

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  • Stopford, Chris; Kaye, Paul H.; Ulanowski, Joseph; Hirst, Edwin; Greenaway, Richard; Dorsey, James; Gallagher, Martin; Woods, Sarah; Lawson, Paul; Thornberry, Troy; Rollins, Drew; Harris, Neil (2015-07-22)
    The new optical particle spectrometer AIITS (Aerosol Ice Interface Transition Spectrometer) is the next instrument in the Small Ice Detector (SID) family. Like SID3, it acquires two-dimensional forward scattering patterns ...
  • Carvalho, Catarina; Madelaine, Florent; Martin, Barnaby (2015-07)
    Inspired by computational complexity results for the quantified constraint satisfaction problem, we study the clones of idempotent polymorphisms of certain digraph classes. Our first results are two algebraic dichotomy, ...
  • Shin, S. K.; Mueller, D.; Lee, C.; Lee, K. H.; Shin, D.; Kim, Y. J.; Noh, Y. M. (2015-06-17)
    We use five years (2009-2013) of multiwavelength Raman lidar measurements at Gwangju, South Korea (35.10° N, 126.53° E) for the identification of changes of optical properties of East Asian dust depending on its transport ...
  • Maunder, Andrew (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015-08-03)
  • Celis-Morales, Carlos; Livingstone, Katherine M.; Woolhead, Clara; Forster, Hannah; O'Donovan, Clare B.; Macready, Anna L.; Fallaize, Rosalind; Marsaux, Cyril F. M.; Tsirigoti, Lydia; Efstathopoulou, Eirini; Moschonis, George; Navas-Carretero, Santiago; San-Cristobal, Rodrigo; Kolossa, Silvia; Klein, Ulla L.; Hallmann, Jacqueline; Godlewska, Magdalena; Surwiłło, Agnieszka; Drevon, Christian A.; Bouwman, Jildau; Grimaldi, Keith; Parnell, Laurence D.; Manios, Yannis; Traczyk, Iwona; Gibney, Eileen R.; Brennan, Lorraine; Walsh, Marianne C.; Lovegrove, Julie A.; Martinez, J. Alfredo; Daniel, Hannelore; Saris, Wim H. M.; Gibney, Mike; Mathers, John C. (2015-09)
    In e-health intervention studies, there are concerns about the reliability of internet-based, self-reported (SR) data and about the potential for identity fraud. This study introduced and tested a novel procedure for ...

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