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  • Jefferies, Amanda; Kornbrot, D.; Quadri, Nuzhat (Academic Conferences Ltd., 2006)
    As an increasing number of universities globally, embrace e.learning technologies with their use of virtual and managed learning environments (VLEs and MLEs) the authors review student expectations about the use of technology ...
  • Schulman, E.; Brinks, E.; Bregman, J.N.; Roberts, M.S. (1997)
    We used the Very Large Array to obtain high-sensitivity 21cm synthesis images of the disk galaxy UGC 12732. This object did not show high-velocity wings in Arecibo telescope spectra obtained to search for populations of ...
  • School of Computer Science; Science & Technology Research Institute; Centre for Computer Science and Informatics Research; Lane, Peter (2011)
    UH Ferret is a fast C++ implementation of a trigram-based copy-detection algorithm. The code forms the base of a graphical user-interface, a web-based server interface, and a ruby gem.
  • Seibert, M.; Chayer, P.; Meurer, G.R.; Saffer, R.; Napiwotzki, R. (2001-08)
  • Eastwood, D.; Blumhof, J. (2002)
    This article is written by the chairman and a panel member of the UK Benchmarking Group in Earth Science, Environmental Science and Environmental Studies. In it we have discussed the broad “purpose” of benchmarking and the ...
  • Haslam, Colin; Tsitsianis, N.; Gleadle, Pauline (Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland, 2011-07)
    Small and medium enterprise (SME) bio-pharmas play a significant role in the development of a knowledge-based competitive economy because they act as an incubator of creativity for the development of pharmabased products ...
  • Wild, Charles; Weinstein, Stuart (New York: Oceana, 2008-01-01)
    UK Chapter
  • Casula, Salvatore; Claridge, Hugh; Corkery, John; Gimeno Clemente, Carla; Goodair, Christine; Loi, Barbara; Schifano, Fabrizio (Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, 2013-09-05)
  • Corkery, John (2008)
    This article summarises different approaches to defining what constitutes a drug-related death (DRDs) and how they can be classified. DRDs usually fall into two broad categories: (a) those directly attributable to the ...
  • Amador, Sarah; Goodman, Claire; Robinson, Louise; Sampson, Elizabeth (2016-10-14)
    People living and dying with non-cancer diagnoses, including dementia, have poorer access to generalist and specialist palliative care than people with cancer, and experience worse outcomes in terms of pain and symptom ...
  • Wilson, P.M. (2008)
    Globally, the enablement of self-care is increasingly being recognised as an essential component of chronic disease management. Within the UK a key self-care policy initiative is the Expert Patients Program. Developed from ...
  • Corkery, John (Committee on Toxicity of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and the Environment (COT, 2012)
    Fatalities due to caffeine are not monitored in the UK. Whilst the National Programme on Substance Abuse Deaths is aware of caffeine being used as a 'cutting' agent in street drugs and 'legal highs' (see also Cole et al, ...
  • Lang, T.; Barling, David (2013)
  • Lucas, P.W.; Hoare, M.G.; Longmore, A.J.; Schroeder, A.C.; Davis, C.J.; Adamson, A.; Bandyopadhyay, R.M.; de Grijs, R.; Smith, M.; Gosling, A.; Mitchison, S.; Gaspar, A.; Coe, M.; Tamura, M.; Parker, Q.; Irwin, M.; Hambly, N.; Bryant, J.; Collins, R. S.; Cross, N.; Evans, D.W.; Gonzalez-Solares, E.; Hodgkin, S.; Lewis, J.; Read, M.; Riello, M.; Sutorius, E. T. W.; Lawrence, A.; Drew, J.E.; Dye, S.; Thompson, M.A. (2008)
    The UKIDSS Galactic Plane Survey (GPS) is one of the five near-infrared Public Legacy Surveys that are being undertaken by the UKIDSS consortium, using the Wide Field Camera on the United Kingdom Infrared Telescope
  • Dye, S.; Lawrence, A.; Fan, X.; Kerr, T.; Varricatt, W.; Furnell, K. E.; Edge, A.; Irwin, M.; Hambly, N.; Lucas, P.; Almaini, O.; Chambers, K.; Hewett, P.; Liu, M.; McGreer, I.; Best, W.; Sutorius, E.; Froebrich, D.; Magnier, E.; Hasinger, G.; Lederer, S. M.; Bold, M.; Tedds, J. A. (2018-02-01)
    This paper defines the UK Infra-Red Telescope (UKIRT) Hemisphere Survey (UHS) and release of the remaining ~12,700 sq.deg of J-band survey data products. The UHS will provide continuous J and K-band coverage in the northern ...
  • Dye, S.; Warren, S. J.; Hambly, N. C.; Cross, N. J. G.; Hodgkin, S. T.; Irwin, M. J.; Lawrence, A.; Adamson, A.J.; Almaini, O.; Edge, A. C.; Hirst, P.; Jameson, R. F.; Lucas, P.W. (2006-03-22)
    This paper defines the UKIRT Infrared Deep Sky Survey (UKIDSS) Early Data Release (EDR). UKIDSS is a set of five large near-infra-red surveys defined by Lawrence et al. (2006), being undertaken with the UK Infra-red Telescope ...
  • Warren, S.J.; Hambly, N.C.; Dye, S.; Almaini, O.; Cross, N.J.G.; Edge, A.C.; Foucaud, S.; Hewett, P.C.; Hodgkin, S.T.; Irwin, M.J.; Jameson, R.F.; Lawrence, A.; Lucas, P.W.; Adamson, A.J.; Bandyopadhyay, R.M.; Bryant, J.; Collines, R.S.; Davis, C.J.; Dunlop, J.S.; Evans, D.W.; Gonzales-Solares, E.; Hirst, P.; Jarvis, M.J.; Kendall, T.R. (2007)
  • Lawrence, A.; Warren, S. J.; Almaini, O.; Edge, A. C.; Hambly, N. C.; Jameson, R. F.; Casali, M.; Adamson, A.; Dye, S.; Emerson, J. P.; Foucaud, S.; Hewett, P.; Hirst, P.; Hodgkin, S. T.; Irwin, M. J.; Lodieu, N.; McMahon, R. G.; Simpson, C.; Smail, I.; Mortlock, D.; Folger, M.; Lucas, P.W. (2006-04-20)
    We describe the goals, design, implementation, and initial progress of the UKIRT Infrared Deep Sky Survey (UKIDSS), a seven year sky survey which began in May 2005, using the UKIRT Wide Field Camera. It is a portfolio of ...
  • Farrington, Ken; Udayaraj, U.; Gilg, J.; Feehally, J. (2009)
    Introduction: This chapter describes the characteristics of adult patients starting renal replacement therapy (RRT) in the UK in 2007 and the acceptance rate for RRT in Primary Care Trusts (PCT) or equivalent Health Authority ...

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