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  • Rodriguez-Gil, P.; Santander-Garcia, M.; Knigge, C.; Corradi, R.L.M.; Gansicke, B.T.; Barlow, M.J.; Drake, J.; Drew, J.E.; Miszalski, B.; Napiwotzki, R.; Steeghs, D.; Wesson, R.; Zijlstra, A.A.; Jones, D.H.; Liimets, T.; Munoz-Darias, T.; Pyrzas, S.; Rubio-Diez, M. (2010)
    We present time-resolved optical spectroscopy of V458 Vulpeculae (Nova Vul 2007 No. 1) spread over a period of 15 months starting 301 d after its discovery. Our data reveal radial-velocity variations in the He II lambda ...
  • Rosen, S.R.; Prinja, R.K.; Drew, J.E.; Mason, K.O.; Howell, S.B. (1998)
    We present highly time-resolved HST FOS UV spectroscopy of the nova-like binary V795 Her. Several key results emerge. For the first time we find a strong 2.6-h signature in the variability of the UV lines. The HST data ...

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