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  • Page, M.J.; Carrera, F.J.; Stevens, J. A. (American Institute of Physics, 2010)
    There exists a population of broad-line z~2 QSOs which have heavily absorbed X-ray spectra. These objects constitute ~10% of the population at luminosities and redshifts characteristic of the main producers of QSO luminosity ...
  • Amblard, A.; Cooray, A.; Serra, P.; Altieri, B.; Arumugam, V.; Aussel, H.; Blain, A.; Bock, J.; Boselli, A.; Buat, V.; Castro-Rodriguez, N.; Cava, A.; Chanial, P.; Chapin, E.; Clements, D.; Conley, A.; Conversi, L.; Dowell, C.D.; Dwek, E.; Eales, S.; Elbaz, D.; Farrah, D.; Franceschini, A.; Gear, W.K.; Glenn, J.; Griffin, M.; Halpern, M.; Hatziminaoglou, E.; Ibar, E.; Isaak, K.G.; Ivison, R.J.; Khostovan, A.A.; Lagache, G.; Levenson, L.; Lu, N.; Madden, S.; Maffei, B.; Mainetti, G.; Marchetti, L.; Marsden, G.; Mitchell-Wynne, K.; Nguyen, H.T.; O'Halloran, B.; Oliver, S.; Omont, A.; Page, M.J.; Panuzzo, P.; Papageorgiou, A.; Pearson, C.P.; Perez-Fournon, I.; Pohlen, M.; Rangwala, N.; Roseboom, I.G.; Rowan-Robinson, M.; Portal, M.S.; Schulz, B.; Scott, D.; Seymour, N.; Shupe, D.; Smith, A.J.; Stevens, Jason; Symeonidis, M.; Trichas, M.; Tugwell, K.E.; Vaccari, M.; Valiante, E.; Valtchanov, I.; Vieira, J.; Vigroux, L.; Wang, L.; Ward, R.; Wright, G.; Xu, C.K.; Zemcov, M. (2011)
    The extragalactic background light at far-infrared wavelengths(1-3) comes from optically faint, dusty, star-forming galaxies in the Universe with star formation rates of a few hundred solar masses per year(4). These faint, ...

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