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  • Hildebrandt, H.; Arnouts, S.; Capak, P.; Moustakas, L.A.; Wolf, C.; Abdalla, F.B.; Assef, R.J.; Banerji, M.; Benitez, N.; Brammer, G.B.; Budavari, T.; Carliles, S.; Coe, D.; Dahlen, T.; Feldmann, R.; Gerdes, D.; Gillis, B.; Ibert, O.; Kotulla, R.; Lahav, O.; Li, I.H.; Miralles, J.M.; Purger, N.; Schmidt, S.; Singal, J. (2010)
    Context: Photometric redshifts (photo-z’s) have become an essential tool in extragalactic astronomy. Many current and upcoming observing programmes require great accuracy of photo-z’s to reach their scientific goals. Aims: ...
  • Bonfield, D.; Sun, Yi; Davey, N.; Jarvis, M.J.; Abdalla, F.B.; Banerji, M.; Adams, R.G. (2010)
    We present a comparison between Gaussian processes (GPs) and artificial neural networks (ANNs) as methods for determining photometric redshifts for galaxies, given training-set data. In particular, we compare their degradation ...
  • Wilman, R.J.; Miller, L.; Jarvis, M.J.; Mauch, T.; Levrier, F.; Abdalla, F.B.; Rawlings, S.; Kloeckner, H-R.; Obreschkow, D.; Olteanu, D.; Young, S. (2008)

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