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  • Eichler, M.; Arcones, A.; Kelic, A.; Korobkin, O.; Langanke, K.; Marketin, T.; Martinez-Pinedo, G.; Panov, I.; Rauscher, T.; Rosswog, S.; Winteler, C.; Zinner, N. T.; Thielemann, F. K. (American Institute of Physics Inc., 2016-06-21)
    The comparison between observational abundance features and those obtained from nucleosynthesis predictions of stellar evolution and/or explosion simulations can scrutinize two aspects: (a) the conditions in the astrophysical ...
  • Rauscher, T.; Nishimura, N.; Hirschi, R. (American Institute of Physics Inc., 2016-06-21)
    Nucleosynthesis of heavy elements requires the use of different experimental and theoretical methods to determine astrophysical reaction rates than light element nucleosynthesis. Additionally, there are also larger ...

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