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Vesiclepedia : a compendium for extracellular vesicles with continuous community annotation

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contributor authorKalra, Hina
contributor authorSimpson, Richard J
contributor authorJi, Hong
contributor authorAikawa, Elena
contributor authorAltevogt, Peter
contributor authorAskenase, Philip
contributor authorBond, Vincent C
contributor authorBorràs, Francesc E
contributor authorBreakefield, Xandra
contributor authorBudnik, Vivian
contributor authorBuzas, Edit
contributor authorCamussi, Giovanni
contributor authorClayton, Aled
contributor authorCocucci, Emanuele
contributor authorFalcon-Perez, Juan M
contributor authorGabrielsson, Susanne
contributor authorGho, Yong Song
contributor authorGupta, Dwijendra
contributor authorHarsha, H C
contributor authorHendrix, An
contributor authorHill, Andrew F
contributor authorInal, Jameel M
contributor authorJenster, Guido
contributor authorKrämer-Albers, Eva-Maria
contributor authorLim, Sai Kiang
contributor authorLlorente, Alicia
contributor authorLötvall, Jan
contributor authorMarcilla, Antonio
contributor authorMincheva-Nilsson, Lucia
contributor authorNazarenko, Irina
contributor authorNieuwland, Rienk
contributor authorNolte-'t Hoen, Esther N M
contributor authorPandey, Akhilesh
contributor authorPatel, Tushar
contributor authorPiper, Melissa G
contributor authorPluchino, Stefano
contributor authorPrasad, T S Keshava
contributor authorRajendran, Lawrence
contributor authorRaposo, Graca
contributor authorRecord, Michel
contributor authorReid, Gavin E
contributor authorSánchez-Madrid, Francisco
contributor authorSchiffelers, Raymond M
contributor authorSiljander, Pia
contributor authorStensballe, Allan
contributor authorStoorvogel, Willem
contributor authorTaylor, Douglas
contributor authorThery, Clotilde
contributor authorValadi, Hadi
contributor authorvan Balkom, Bas W M
contributor authorVázquez, Jesús
contributor authorVidal, Michel
contributor authorWauben, Marca H M
contributor authorYáñez-Mó, María
contributor authorZoeller, Margot
contributor authorMathivanan, Suresh
date accessioned2018-07-31T14:30:30Z
date available2018-07-31T14:30:30Z
date issued2012-12-18
identifier citationKalra , H , Simpson , R J , Ji , H , Aikawa , E , Altevogt , P , Askenase , P , Bond , V C , Borràs , F E , Breakefield , X , Budnik , V , Buzas , E , Camussi , G , Clayton , A , Cocucci , E , Falcon-Perez , J M , Gabrielsson , S , Gho , Y S , Gupta , D , Harsha , H C , Hendrix , A , Hill , A F , Inal , J M , Jenster , G , Krämer-Albers , E-M , Lim , S K , Llorente , A , Lötvall , J , Marcilla , A , Mincheva-Nilsson , L , Nazarenko , I , Nieuwland , R , Nolte-'t Hoen , E N M , Pandey , A , Patel , T , Piper , M G , Pluchino , S , Prasad , T S K , Rajendran , L , Raposo , G , Record , M , Reid , G E , Sánchez-Madrid , F , Schiffelers , R M , Siljander , P , Stensballe , A , Stoorvogel , W , Taylor , D , Thery , C , Valadi , H , van Balkom , B W M , Vázquez , J , Vidal , M , Wauben , M H M , Yáñez-Mó , M , Zoeller , M & Mathivanan , S 2012 , ' Vesiclepedia : a compendium for extracellular vesicles with continuous community annotation ' Plos Biology , vol 10 , no. 12 , pp. e1001450 . DOI: 10.1371/journal.pbio.1001450en
identifier issn1544-9173
identifier otherPURE: 13069260
identifier otherPURE UUID: da3b1596-9f54-40dd-8cca-4d36d1e565a0
identifier otherPubMed: 23271954
identifier otherPubMedCentral: PMC3525526
identifier otherScopus: 84871702725
identifier uri
description abstractExtracellular vesicles (EVs) are membraneous vesicles released by a variety of cells into their microenvironment. Recent studies have elucidated the role of EVs in intercellular communication, pathogenesis, drug, vaccine and gene-vector delivery, and as possible reservoirs of biomarkers. These findings have generated immense interest, along with an exponential increase in molecular data pertaining to EVs. Here, we describe Vesiclepedia, a manually curated compendium of molecular data (lipid, RNA, and protein) identified in different classes of EVs from more than 300 independent studies published over the past several years. Even though databases are indispensable resources for the scientific community, recent studies have shown that more than 50% of the databases are not regularly updated. In addition, more than 20% of the database links are inactive. To prevent such database and link decay, we have initiated a continuous community annotation project with the active involvement of EV researchers. The EV research community can set a gold standard in data sharing with Vesiclepedia, which could evolve as a primary resource for the field.en
language isoeng
relation ispartofPlos Biologyen
subjectDatabases as Topicen
subjectExtracellular Spaceen
subjectJournal Articleen
subjectResearch Support, Non-U.S. Gov'ten
titleVesiclepedia : a compendium for extracellular vesicles with continuous community annotationen
contributor institutionSchool of Life and Medical Sciencesen
identifier doi
description versionpublishersversionen
description statusPeer revieweden

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