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  • Alltree, J.; Quadri, N. (University of Hertfordshire, 2007)
    There is considerable rhetoric about today s students wanting more flexible study options so that their studies can fit in with other aspects of their lives. Furthermore, staff and students increasingly use--managed learning ...
  • Alltree, J. (University of Hertfordshire, 2007)
    The use of managed learning environments (MLEs) to--support student learning is increasingly prevalent in higher education today. An in-house MLE, StudyNet, was introduced at the University of Hertfordshire in 2001. An ...
  • Alltree, J.; Thornton, H. (2004)
    This article discusses the utilisation of StudyNet to facilitate students’ learning on a Level 3 Physiotherapy module. The students’ perceptions of StudyNet and its usage were evaluated by questionnaire and also by an ...

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