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    • Mutual trust and rights in EU criminal and asylum law: Three phases of evolution and the uncharted territory beyond blind trust 

      Xanthopoulou, Ermioni (2018-04-30)
      This article examines the evolving relationship of mutual trust and fundamental rights in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice. The ECJ has long prioritized the effectiveness of instruments based on mutual trust through ...
    • The MWA GLEAM 4Jy Sample; a new large, bright radio source sample at 151 MHz 

      Jackson, C A; Franzen, T M O; Seymour, N; White, S V; Murphy, Tara; Sadler, E M; Callingham, J R; Hunstead, R W; Hughes, J; Wall, J V; Bell, M E; Dwarakanath, K S; For, B-Q; Gaensler, B M; Hancock, P J; Hindson, L; Hurley-Walker, N; Johnston-Hollitt, M; Kapinska, A D; Lenc, E; McKinley, B; Morgan, J; Offringa, A R; Procopio, P; Staveley-Smith, L; Wayth, R B; Wu, C; Zheng, Q (2015-10-20)
      This paper outlines how the new GaLactic and Extragalactic All-sky MWA Survey (GLEAM, Wayth et al. 2015), observed by the Murchison Widefield Array covering the frequency range 72 - 231 MHz, allows identification of a new ...
    • MWC 297, B1.5Ve : a zero-age main sequence star in the Aquila Rift 

      Drew, J.E.; Busfield, G.; Hoare, M.G.; Murdoch, K.A.; Nixon, C.A.; Oudmaijer, R.D. (1997)
    • “My children are my world” : Raising the voices of birth mothers with substantial experience of counselling following the loss of their children to adoption or foster care 

      Morgan, Hannah; Nolte, Lizette; Rishworth, Barbara; Stevens, Clarissa (2019-07-01)
      There is very little published literature on ‘what works’ in terms of support for birth mothers following the loss of their children to compulsory adoption or foster care. The aim of this article is to raise the voices of ...
    • My familiar robot companion : Preferences and perceptions of CHARLY, a companion humanoid autonomous robot for living with you 

      Walters, M.L.; Syrdal, D.S.; Dautenhahn, K.; Dumitriu, A.; May, A.; Christianson, B.; Koay, K.L. (Springer, 2012)
      This paper presents findings from a survey conducted with visitors to the My Familiar Companion exhibit, part of the HUMAN+ Exhibition at the Science Gallery in Dublin. The exhibit consisted of a humanoid robot, CHARLY ...
    • my journey towards virtual typography 

      Hillner, Matthias (2010-04-30)
    • Mycorrhizal colonisation improves fruit yield and water use efficiency in watermelon (Citrullus lanatus Thunb.) grown under well-watered and water-stressed conditions 

      Kaya, C.; Higgs, D.; Kirnak, H.; Tas, I. (2003-06-01)
      The effect of arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) colonisation by Glomus clarum on fruit yield and water use efficiency (WUE) was evaluated in watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) cv. Crimson Sweet F1 under field conditions. Treatments ...
    • Mycoviral Population Dynamics in Spanish Isolates of the Entomopathogenic Fungus Beauveria bassiana 

      Filippou, Charalampos; Garrido-Jurado, Inmaculada; Meyling, Nicolai V.; Quesada-Moraga, Enrique; Coutts, Robert; Kotta-Loizou, Ioly (2018-11-24)
      The use of mycoviruses to manipulate the virulence of entomopathogenic fungi employed as biocontrol agents may lead to the development of novel methods to control attacks by insect pests. Such approaches are urgently ...
    • Myelodysplasia in a psoriasis patient receiving etanercept : Cause or coincidence? 

      Dawoud, Noha Mohammed; Ayoub, Othman Hadi; Essa, Enas Said; Dawoud, Dalia M (2018-05-18)
    • Myofibrillar fatigue versus failure of activation during repetitive stimulation of frog muscle fibres 

      Edman, K.A.P.; Lou, Fang (1992-11)
      1. Single fibres isolated from the anterior tibialis muscle of Rana temporaria (temperature, 2-5 degrees C; sarcomere length, 2.10 microns) were fatigued using two separate protocols that led to different degrees of ...
    • Mystery, Desire, Superstition & Fear : New Projects from the Visual Effects Research Lab 

      Richardson, Peter (2010)
      The Visual Effects Research Lab based at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, University of Dundee is a ground-breaking transnational project funded by the European Union. VERL consolidates established world-class ...
    • The Myth of the Quietist Wittgenstein 

      Moyal-Sharrock, Daniele (Routledge, 2017-06-08)
      This paper seeks to extricate Wittgenstein from the quietist and reductively therapeutic image that has overshadowed him, by showing in what ways he was an interventionist philosopher both within philosophy and for the ...
    • Der Mythos der weightless economy 

      Huws, Ursula (2000)
    • The n(-)TOF facility at CERN: Performances and first physics results 

      Abbondanno, U.; Aerts, G.; Alvarez, H.; Alvarez-Velarde, F.; Andriamonje, S.; Andrzejewski, J.; Assimakopoulos, P.; Audouin, L.; Badurek, G.; Baumann, P.; Becvar, F.; Benlliure, J.; Berthoumieux, E.; Calvino, F.; Cano-Ott, D.; Capote, R.; de Albornoz, A.C.; Cennini, A.; Cennini, P.; Chepel, V.; Chiaveri, E.; Colonna, N.; Cortes, G.; Cortina, D.; Couture, A.; Cox, J.; David, S.; Dolfini, R.; Domingo-Pardo, C.; Dridi, W.; Duran, R.B.; Embid-Segura, M.; Ferrant, L.; Ferrari, A.; Ferreira-Marques, R.; Fitzpatrick, L.; Frais-Koelbl, H.; Fujii, K.; Furman, W.; Guerrero, C.; Goncalves, I. F.; Gallino, R.; Gonzalez-Romero, E.; Goverdovski, A.; Gramegna, F.; Griesmayer, E.; Gunsing, F.; Haas, B.; Haight, R.; Heil, M.; Herrera-Martinez, A.; Igashira, M.; Isaev, S.; Jericha, E.; Kadi, Y.; Kappeler, F.; Karamanis, D.; Karadimos, D.; Kerveno, M.; Ketlerov, V.; Koehler, P.; Konovalov, V.; Kossionides, E.; Krticka, M.; Lamboudis, C.; Leeb, H.; Lindote, A.; Lopes, I.; Lozano, M.; Lukic, S.; Marganiec, J.; Marques, L.; Marrone, S.; Mastinu, P.; Mengoni, A.; Milazzo, P.M.; Moreau, C.; Mosconi, M.; Neves, F.; Oberhummer, H.; O'Brien, S.; Oshima, M.; Pancin, J.; Papachristodoulou, C.; Papadopoulos, C.; Paradela, C.; Patronis, N.; Pavlik, A.; Pavlopoulos, P.; Perrot, L.; Plag, R.; Plompen, A.; Plukis, A.; Poch, A.; Pretel, C.; Quesada, J.; Rauscher, T.; Reifarth, R.; Rosetti, M.; Rubbia, C.; Rudolf, G.; Rullhusen, P.; Salgado, J.; Sarchiapone, L.; Stephan, C.; Tagliente, G.; Tain, J. L.; Tassan-Got, L.; Tavora, L.; Terlizzi, R.; Vannini, G.; Vaz, P.; Ventura, A.; Villamarin, D.; Vincente, M. C.; Vlachoudis, V.; Vlastou, R.; Voss, F.; Wendler, H.; Wiescher, Michael; Wisshak, K. (American Institute of Physics, 2005)
      The neutron Time of Flight (n_TOF) facility at CERN is a source of a wide-range (1 eV <E-n <250 MeV) flux of neutrons, generated by spallation of 20-GeV/c protons onto a solid lead target. The goal of the n_TOF is to provide ...
    • The (n, α) reaction in the s-process branching point 59Ni 

      Weiss, C.; Guerrero, C.; Griesmayer, E.; Andrzejewski, J.; Badurek, G.; Chiaveri, E.; Dressler, R.; Ganesan, S.; Jericha, E.; Käppeler, F.; Koehler, P.; Lederer, C.; Leeb, H.; Marganiec, J.; Pavlik, A.; Perkowski, J.; Rauscher, T.; Reifarth, R.; Schumann, D.; Tagliente, G.; Vlachoudis, V.; Altstadt, S.; Audouin, L.; Barbagallo, M.; Bécares, V.; Bečvář, F.; Belloni, F.; Berthoumieux, E.; Billowes, J.; Boccone, V.; Bosnar, D.; Brugger, M.; Calviani, M.; Calviño, F.; Cano-Ott, D.; Carrapiço, C.; Cerutti, F.; Chin, M.; Colonna, N.; Cortés, G.; Cortés-Giraldo, M.A.; Diakaki, M.; Domingo-Pardo, C.; Duran, I.; Dzysiuk, N.; Eleftheriadis, C.; Ferrari, A.; Fraval, K.; García, A.R.; Giubrone, G.; Gómez-Hornillos, M.B.; Gonçalves, I.F.; González-Romero, E.; Gunsing, F.; Gurusamy, P.; Hernández-Prieto, A.; Jenkins, D. G.; Kadi, Y.; Karadimos, D.; Kivel, N.; Kokkoris, M.; Krtička, M.; Kroll, J.; Lampoudis, C.; Langer, C.; Leal-Cidoncha, E.; Leong, L. S.; Losito, R.; Mallick, A.; Manousos, A.; Martínez, T.; Massimi, C.; Mastinu, P. F.; Mastromarco, M.; Meaze, M.; Mendoza, E.; Mengoni, A.; Milazzo, P. M.; Mingrone, F.; Mirea, M.; Mondalaers, W.; Paradela, C.; Plompen, A.; Praena, J.; Quesada, J.M.; Riego, A.; Robles, M.S.; Roman, F.; Rubbia, C.; Sabaté-Gilarte, M.; Sarmento, R.; Saxena, A.; Schillebeeckx, P.; Schmidt, S.; Tain, J. L.; Tarrío, D.; Tassan-Got, L.; Tsinganis, A.; Valenta, S.; Vannini, G.; Variale, V.; Vaz, P.; Ventura, A.; Versaci, R.; Vermeulen, M. J.; Vlastou, R.; Wallner, A.; Ware, T.; Weigand, M.; Wright, T.; Žugec, P. (2014-06)
      The (n, α) reaction in the radioactive 59Ni is of relevance in nuclear astrophysics as 59Ni can be considered as the first branching point in the astrophysical s-process. Its relevance in nuclear technology is especially ...
    • The (n,gamma) cross sections of short-living s-process branching points 

      Sonnabend, K.; Mengoni, A.; Mohr, P.; Rauscher, T.; Vogt, K.; Zilges, A. (American Institute of Physics, 2004)
      An experimental method to determine the (n,gamma) cross section of short-living s-process branching points using data of the inverse (gamma,n) reaction is presented. The method was used to observe the branching point nucleus ...
    • The (n,gamma) cross sections of the p-process nuclei Se-74 and Sr-84 at kT=25 keV 

      Dillmann, I.; Heil, M.; Kappeler, F.; Rauscher, T.; Thielemann, Friedrich-Karl (2005-07-25)
      The formation of the isotopes on the proton-rich side of the valley of stability cannot be ascribed to neutron capture reactions in the r- or s-processes. These nuclei are produced in the p process, which presumably takes ...
    • (n,gamma) cross-sections of light p nuclei 

      Dillmann, I.; Heil, M.; Kaeppeler, F.; Plag, R.; Rauscher, T.; Thielemann, Friedrich-Karl (2006-03)
      The nucleosynthesis of elements beyond iron is dominated by the s and r processes. However, a small amount of stable isotopes on the proton-rich side cannot be made by neutron capture and is thought to be produced by ...
    • N.m.r. studies of the cytoplasmic C-terminal β-subunit domain of the high-affinity IgE receptor 

      Zloh, Mire; Anderson, G.; Clark-Lewis, I.; Thomas, R.; Benedetti, E.; Toth, I.; Gibbons, W.A. (1994)
    • N=4 Scattering Amplitudes and the Deformed Grassmannian 

      Ferro, Livia; Lukowski, Tomasz; Staudacher, Matthias (2014-12-01)
      Some time ago the general tree-level scattering amplitudes of N=4 Super Yang-Mills theory were expressed as certain Grassmannian contour integrals. These remarkable formulas allow to clearly expose the super-conformal, ...