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    • Ring Structure and Warp of NGC 5907: Interaction with Dwarf Galaxies 

      Shang, Z.; Zheng, Z.; Brinks, E.; Chen, J.; Burstein, D.; Su, H.W.; Byun, Y.; Deng, L.; Deng, Z.; Fan, X.; Jiang, Z.; Li, Y.; Lin, W.; Ma, F.; Sun, W.; Wills, B.; Windhorst, R.A.; Wu, H.; Xia, X.; Xu, W.; Xue, S.; Yan, H.; Zhou, X.; Zhu, J.; Zou, Z. (1998)
      The edge-on, nearby spiral galaxy NGC 5907 has long been used as the prototype of a “noninteracting” warped galaxy. We report here the discovery of two interactions with companion dwarf galaxies that substantially change ...