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    • Galaxy evolution explorer ultraviolet color-magnitude relations and evidence of recent star formation in early-type galaxies 

      Yi, S.K.; Yoon, S.-J.; Lee, Y.-W.; Ree, C.H.; Sohn, Y.-J.; Rey, S.-C.; Rhee, J.; Byun, Y.-I.; Kim, S.-W.; Kaviraj, S.; Deharveng, J.-M.; Boselli, A.; Donas, J.; Malina, R.; Milliard, B.; Rich, R.M.; Salim, S.; Friedman, P.G.; Martin, D.C.; Morrissey, P.; Small, T.; Barlow, T.; Forster, K.; Wyder, T.K.; Lee, J.-W.; Bianchi, L.; Heckman, T.M.; Szalay, A.S.; Jee, M.J.; Jelinsky, P.; Siegmund, O.; Welsh, B.; Madore, B.F.; Neff, S.; Schiminovich, D. (2005-01-20)
      We have used the Galaxy Evolution Explorer UV photometric data to construct a first near-UV (NUV) color-magnitude relation (CMR) for the galaxies preclassified as early-type by Sloan Digital Sky Survey studies. The NUV CMR ...
    • The Taiwan-American occultation survey project stellar variability. I : Detection of low-amplitude δ Scuti stars 

      Kim, D. -W.; Protopapas, P.; Alcock, C.; Wright, N.J.; Bianco, F.B.; Lehner, M.J.; Dave, R.; Byun, Y.-I.; Kyeong, J.; Lee, B.-C.; Axelrod, T.; Chen, W.-P.; Lin, H.-C.; Wang, J.-H.; Zhang, Z.-W.; Coehlo, N.K.; Rice, J.A.; Cook, K.H.; Marshall, S.L.; King, S.-K.; Lee, T.; Wang, S.-Y.; Wen, C.-Y.; Porrata, R.; Schwamb, M.E. (2010-01-01)
      We analyzed data accumulated during 2005 and 2006 by the Taiwan-American Occultation Survey (TAOS) in order to detect short-period variable stars (periods of ≲1 hr) such as δ Scuti. TAOS is designed for the detection of ...