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    • Agricultural productivity in past societies : Toward an empirically informed model for testing cultural evolutionary hypotheses 

      Currie, Thomas; Bogaard, Amy; Cesaretti, Rudolf; Edwards, Neil R.; Francois, Pieter; Holden, Philip; Hoyer, Daniel; Korotayev, Andrey; Manning, Joseph; Moreno Garcia, Juan Carlos; Oyebamiji, Oluwole K.; Petrie, Cameron; Turchin, Peter; Whitehouse, Harvey; Williams, Alice (2015)
      Agricultural productivity, and its variation in space and time, plays a fundamental role in many theories of human social evolution. However, we often lack systematic information about the productivity of past agricultural ...
    • A Macroscope for Global History. Seshat Global History Databank: a methodological overview 

      Francois, Pieter; Manning, J.G.; Whitehouse, Harvey; Brennan, Rob; Currie, Thomas; Feeney, Kevin; Turchin, Peter (2016-12-22)
      This article introduces the ‘Seshat: Global History’ project, the methodology it is based upon and its potential as a tool for historians and other humanists. The article describes in detail how the Seshat methodology and ...
    • What is Seshat: the Global History Databank? 

      Turchin, Peter; Currie, Thomas; Francois, Pieter; Manning, Joseph; Mullins, Daniel Austin; Sears, Brittany; Honick, Alan (2015-09)
      The Seshat: Global History Databank brings together the most current and comprehensive body of knowledge about human history in one place. This unique Databank systematically collects what is currently known about the ...