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    • The SECURE project – Stem canker of oilseed rape: : molecular methods and mathematical modelling to deploy durable resistance 

      Evans, N; Fitt, Bruce D.L.; van den Bosch, Frank; Huang, Yongju; Eckert, M. R.; Pietravalle, S; Demon, I; Papastamati, K.; Karolewski, Z; Rouxel, T; Balesdent, M H; Ross, S; Fudal, I; Gout, L; Brun, H; Andrivon, D; Bousset, L; Besnard, AL; Gladders, P; Pinochet, X; Penaud, A; Jedryczka, M; Kachlicki, P; Irzykowski, W; Stachowiak, A; Olechnowicz, J; Podlesna, A; Happstadius, I; Renard, M (2007-03-26)
      Modelling done during the SECURE project has demonstrated the dynamic nature of the interaction between phoma stem canker (Leptosphaeria maculans), the oilseed rape host (Brassica napus) and the environment. Experiments ...