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    • Towards Long-Term Social Child-Robot Interaction: Using Multi-Activity Switching to Engage Young Users 

      Coninx, A.; Baxter, Paul; Oleari, Elettra; Bellini, S.; Bierman, Bert; Henkemans, O.; Canamero, Lola; Cosi, Piero; Enescu, V.; Espinoza, R.; Hiolle, Antoine; Humbert, R.; Kiefer, B.; Kruijff-Korbayova, I.; Looije, R.; Mosconi, M.; Neerincx, M.; Paci, G.; Patsis, G.; Pozzi, C.; Sacchitelli, F.; Sahli, H.; Sanna, A.; Sommavilla, Giacomo; Tesser, Fabio; Demiris, Y.; Belpaeme, T. (2016-03-23)
      Social robots have the potential to provide support in a number of practical domains, such as learning and behaviour change. This potential is particularly relevant for children, who have proven receptive to interactions ...