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    • Evidence for an Obscured Broadline Region in the Early Type Radio Galaxy IC5063 

      Inglis, M.D.; Brindle, C.; Hough, J.; Young, S.; Axon, D.J.; Bailey, J.; Ward, M.J. (1993)
      We report the detection of strong, broad Hα emission seen in polarized flux from the early-type radio galaxy IC 5063. This suggests that the galaxy has a broad-line region which is obscured from our direct view, with the ...
    • Hidden broad-line regions and anisotropy in AGN 

      Axon, D.J.; Hough, J.; Young, S.; Inglis, M.D. (1994)
      We discuss the recent advances made in the search for hidden broad line regions in Seyfert and Narrow Line Radio Galaxies (NLRG) using both spectropolarimetry and infrared spectroscopy/spectropolarimetry. Two important ...
    • Spatially Resolved Spectropolarimetry of NGC 1068 

      Inglis, M.D.; Young, S.; Hough, J.; Axon, D.J.; Bailey, J.; Ward, M.J. (Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 1994)
      A turning point in the study of AGN was the discovery of broad hydrogen lines seen in polarized light in the nucleus of NGC 1068 (Antonucci and Miller 1985). A model was developed whereby the scatterers responsible for ...