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    • High‐Throughput Miniaturized Screening of Nanoparticle Formation via Inkjet Printing 

      Styliari, Ioanna Danai; Conte, Claudia; Pearce, Amanda; Huesler, Amanda; Cavanagh, Robert; Limo, Marion; Gordhan, Dipak; Nieto-Orellana, Alejandro; Suksiriworapong, Jiraphong; Couturaud, Benoit; Williams, Phil; Hook, Andrew; Alexander, Morgan R.; Garnett, Martin; Alexander, Cameron; Burley, Jonathan; Taresco, Vincenzo (2018-08-01)
      The self‐assembly of specific polymers into well‐defined nanoparticles (NPs) is of great interest to the pharmaceutical industry as the resultant materials can act as drug delivery vehicles. In this work, a high‐throughput ...