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    • New trends in the cyber and street market of recreational drugs? : The case of 2C-T-7 ('Blue Mystic') 

      Schifano, Fabrizio; Deluca, Paolo; Agosti, Lisa; Martinotti, Giovanni; Corkery, John; Alex, Baldacchino; Caterina, Bonan; Heikki, Bothas; Raffaella, Brigada; Anna, Comacchio; Lucia, Di Furia; Dorte, Duarte Rui Eastwood; Magi, Farré; Susana, Ferreira; Irene, Flores; Claude, Guionnet; Lisbet, Harder; Lene, Stokholm Jensen; Mauro, Leoni; Christopher, Littlejohn; Aino, Majava; Teuvo, Peltoniemi; Milena, Pizza; Salman, Rawaf; Damien, Robert; Angela, Rossi Maria; Francesco, Rovetto; Norbert, Scherbaum; Holger, Siemann; Josep, Tarrago; Marta, Torrens; Francesco, Zambello; Psychonaut 2002 Research Group (2005)
      2C-T-7 ('Blue Mystic'), an illicit compound which shows similarities with MDMA and other designer drugs, has been only occasionally identified in the EU, but discussion on the Internet between experimenters has recently ...
    • Psychoactive drug or mystical incense? : Overview of the online available information on Spice products 

      Schifano, Fabrizio; Corazza, Ornella; Deluca, Paolo; Davey, Zoe; Lucia, Di Furia; Farre, Magi; Flesland, Liv; Mannonen, Miia; Pagani, Stefania; Peltoniemi, Teuvo; Pezzolesi, Cinzia; Scherbaum, Norbert; Siemann, Holger; Skutle, Arvid; Torrens, Marta; van der Kreeft, Peer (2010)
      The aim of the study was to foster the collection and analysis of data from web pages related to information on the consumption, manufacture and sale of Spice products, a brand name for an herbal smoking blend, sold as ...