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    • The Australia Telescope Compact Array Broad-band Backend: description and first results 

      Wilson, Warwick E.; Ferris, R. H.; Axtens, P.; Brown, A.; Davis, E.; Hampson, G.; Leach, M.; Roberts, P.; Saunders, S.; Koribalski, B. S.; Caswell, J. L.; Lenc, E.; Stevens, J.; Voronkov, M. A.; Wieringa, M. H.; Brooks, K.; Edwards, P. G.; Ekers, R. D.; Emonts, B.; Hindson, L.; Johnston, S.; Maddison, S. T.; Mahony, E. K.; Malu, S. S.; Massardi, M.; Mao, M. Y.; McConnell, D.; Norris, R. P.; Schnitzeler, D.; Subrahmanyan, R.; Urquhart, J. S.; Thompson, Mark; Wark, R. M. (2011-09)
      Here, we describe the Compact Array Broad-band Backend (CABB) and present first results obtained with the upgraded Australia Telescope Compact Array (ATCA). The 16-fold increase in observing bandwidth, from 2 x 128 to 2 x ...
    • Herschel-atlas galaxy counts and high-redshift luminosity functions : The formation of massive early-type galaxies 

      Lapi, A.; González-Nuevo, J.; Fan, L.; Bressan, A.; de Zotti, G.; Danese, L.; Buttiglione, S.; Negrello, M.; Hopwood, R.; Serjeant, S.; Dunne, L.; Maddox, S.; Rigby, E.; Eales, S.; Auld, R.; Dariush, A.; Dye, S.; Kaviraj, S.; Pascale, E.; Pohlen, M.; Baes, M.; Fritz, J.; Bonfield, D.G.; Jarvis, M.J.; Smith, Daniel; Cava, A.; Clements, D. L.; Dariush, A.; Hopwood, R.; Cooray, A.; Wardlow, J.; Herranz, D.; López-Caniego, M.; Ibar, E.; Ivison, R.; Michałowski, M. J.; Jarvis, M.J.; Massardi, M.; Rodighiero, G.; Temi, P.; Van Der Werf, P. (2011)
      Exploiting the Herschel Astrophysical Terahertz Large Area Survey Science Demonstration Phase survey data, we have determined the luminosity functions (LFs) at rest-frame wavelengths of 100 and 250 μm and at several redshifts ...
    • Herschel-ATLAS: Blazars in the science demonstration phase field 

      Gonzalez-Nuevo, J.; de Zotti, G.; Andreani, P.; Barton, E.; Bertoldi, F.; Birkinshaw, M.; Bonavera, L.; Buttiglione, S.; Cooke, J.; Cooray, A.; Danese, G.; Dunne, L.; Eales, S.; Fan, L.; Jarvis, M.J.; Kloeckner, H-R.; Hatziminaoglou, E.; Herranz, D.; Hughes, D.H.; Lapi, A.; Lawrence, A.; Leeuw, L.; Lopez-Caniego, M.; Massardi, M.; Mauch, T.; Michalowski, M.; Negrello, M.; Rawlings, S.; Rodighiero, G.; Samui, S.; Serjeant, S.; Vieira, J.; White, G.J.; Amblard, A.; Auld, R.; Baes, M.; Bonfield, D.; Burgarella, D.; Cava, A.; Clements, D.; Dariush, A.; Dye, S.; Frayer, D.; Fritz, J.; Ibar, E.; Ivison, R.J.; Lagache, G.; Maddox, S.; Pascale, E.; Pohlen, M.; Rigby, E.; Sibthorpe, B.; Smith, Daniel; Temi, P.; Thompson, M.A.; Valtchanov, I.; Verma, A. (2010)
      To investigate the poorly constrained sub-mm counts and spectral properties of blazars we searched for these in the Herschel-ATLAS (H-ATLAS) science demonstration phase (SDP) survey catalog.

We cross-matched 500 μm sources ...
    • Mining the Herschel-astrophysical terahertz large area survey : Submillimetre-selected blazars in equatorial fields 

      López-Caniego, M.; González-Nuevo, J.; Massardi, M.; Bonavera, L.; Herranz, D.; Negrello, M.; De Zotti, G.; Carrera, F. J.; Danese, L.; Fleuren, S.; Hardcastle, M.J.; Jarvis, M.J.; Klöckner, H. R.; Mauch, T.; Procopio, P.; Righini, S.; Sutherland, W.; Auld, R.; Baes, M.; Buttiglione, S.; Clark, C. J. R.; Cooray, A.; Dariush, A.; Dunne, L.; Dye, S.; Eales, S. (2013-04-11)
      The Herschel-Astrophysical Terahertz Large Area Survey (H-ATLAS) provides an unprecedented opportunity to search for blazars at sub-mm wavelengths. We cross-matched the Faint Images of the Radio Sky at Twenty-cm (FIRST) ...