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    • Evaluating the capability of regional-scale air quality models to capture the vertical distribution of pollutants 

      Solazzo, E.; Bianconi, R.; Pirovano, G.; Moran, M. D.; Vautard, R.; Hogrefe, C.; Appel, K. W.; Matthias, V.; Grossi, P.; Bessagnet, B.; Brandt, J.; Chemel, C.; Christensen, J. H.; Forkel, R.; Vazhappilly Francis, Xavier; Hansen, A. B.; McKeen, S.; Nopmongcol, U.; Prank, M.; Sartelet, K. N.; Segers, A.; Silver, J. D.; Yarwood, G.; Werhahn, J.; Zhang, J.; Rao, S. T.; Galmarini, S. (2013)
      This study is conducted in the framework of the Air Quality Modelling Evaluation International Initiative (AQMEII) and aims at the operational evaluation of an ensemble of 12 regional-scale chemical transport models used ...
    • Evaluation of the meteorological forcing used for the Air Quality Model Evaluation International Initiative (AQMEII) air quality simulations 

      Vautard, R.; Moran, M.D.; Solazzo, E.; Gilliam, R.C.; Matthias, V.; Bianconi, R.; Chemel, C.; Ferreira, J.; Geyer, B.; Hansen, A.B.; Jericevic, A.; Prank, M.; Segers, A.; Silver, J.D.; Werhahn, J.; Wolke, R.; Rao, S.T.; Galmarini, S. (2012)
      Accurate regional air pollution simulation relies strongly on the accuracy of the mesoscale meteorological simulation used to drive the air quality model. The framework of the Air Quality Model Evaluation International ...