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    • Beyond loop bounds : comparing annotation languages for worst-case execution time analysis 

      Kirner, Raimund; Knoop, Jens; Prantl, Adrian; Schordan, Markus; Kadlec, Albrecht (2011-07)
      Worst-case execution time (WCET) analysis is concerned with computing a precise-as-possible bound for the maximum time the execution of a program can take. This information is indispensable for developing safety-critical ...
    • Transforming flow information during code optimization for timing analysis 

      Kirner, Raimund; Puschner, Peter; Prantl, Adrian (2010-06)
      The steadily growing embedded-systems market comprises many application domains in which real-time constraints must be satisfied. To guarantee that these constraints are met, the analysis of the worst-case execution time ...
    • WCET Tool Challenge 2011 : Report 

      von Hanxleden, Reinhard; Holsti, Niklas; Lisper, Björn; Ploedereder, Erhard; Wilhelm, Reinhard; Bonenfant, Armelle; Cassé, Hugues; Bünte, Sven; Fellger, Wolfgang; Gepperth, Sebastian; Gustafsson, Jan; Huber, Benedikt; Islam, Nazrul Mohammad; Kästner, Daniel; Kirner, Raimund; Kovacs, Laura; Krause, Felix; de Michiel, Marianne; Olesen, Mads Christian; Prantl, Adrian; Puffitsch, Wolfgang; Rochange, Christine; Schoeberl, Martin; Wegener, Simon; Zolda, Michael; Zwirchmayr, Jakob (2011)
      Following the successful WCET Tool Challenges in 2006 and 2008, the third event in this series was organized in 2011, again with support from the ARTIST DESIGN Network of Excellence. Following the practice established in ...