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    • The Radioactive Nuclei 26Al and 60Fe in the Cosmos and in the Solar System 

      Diehl, Roland; Lugaro, Maria; Heger, Alexander; Sieverding, Andre; Tang, Xiaodong; Li, KuoAng; Li, Ertao; Doherty, Carolyn L.; Krause, Martin G. H.; Wallner, Anton; Prantzos, Nikos; Brinkman, Hannah E.; Hartogh, Jaqueline W. den; Wehmeyer, Benjamin; López, Andre Yagüe; Pleintinger, Moritz M. M.; Banerjee, Projival; Wang, Wei (2021-12-09)
      The cosmic evolution of the chemical elements from the Big Bang to the present time is driven by nuclear fusion reactions inside stars and stellar explosions. A cycle of matter recurrently re-processes metal-enriched stellar ...