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    • Global patterns in genomic diversity underpinning the evolution of insecticide resistance in the aphid crop pest Myzus persicae 

      Singh, Kumar Saurabh; Cordeiro, Erick M. G.; Troczka, Bartlomiej J.; Pym, Adam; Mackisack, Joanna; Mathers, Thomas C.; Duarte, Ana; Legeai, Fabrice; Robin, Stéphanie; Bielza, Pablo; Burrack, Hannah J.; Charaabi, Kamel; Denholm, Ian; Figueroa, Christian C.; ffrench-Constant, Richard H.; Jander, Georg; Margaritopoulos, John T.; Mazzoni, Emanuele; Nauen, Ralf; Ramírez, Claudio C.; Ren, Guangwei; Stepanyan, Ilona; Umina, Paul A.; Voronova, Nina V.; Vontas, John; Williamson, Martin S.; Wilson, Alex C. C.; Xi-Wu, Gao; Youn, Young-Nam; Zimmer, Christoph T.; Simon, Jean-Christophe; Hayward, Alex; Bass, Chris (2021-07-07)
      Abstract: The aphid Myzus persicae is a destructive agricultural pest that displays an exceptional ability to develop resistance to both natural and synthetic insecticides. To investigate the evolution of resistance in ...