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    • Testing the role of SNe Ia for galactic chemical evolution of p-nuclei with two-dimensional models and with s-process seeds at different metallicities 

      Travaglio, Claudia; Gallino, Roberto; Rauscher, T.; Röpke, Friedrich K.; Hillebrandt, Wolfgang (2015-01-15)
      The bulk of p isotopes is created in the "gamma processes" mainly by sequences of photodisintegrations and beta decays in explosive conditions in Type Ia supernovae (SNIa) or in core collapse supernovae (ccSN). The ...
    • Uncertainties in the Production of p Nuclides in SN Ia Determined by Monte Carlo Variations 

      Rauscher, Thomas; Nishimura, Nobuya; Hirschi, Raphael; Murphy, Alex St J.; Cescutti, Gabriele; Travaglio, Claudia (Springer Science and Business Media, LLC, 2019-08-20)
      Several thousand tracers from a 2D model of a thermonuclear supernova were used in a Monte Carlo post-processing approach to determine p-nuclide abundance uncertainties originating from nuclear physics uncertainties in the ...
    • Women Scientists Who Made Nuclear Astrophysics 

      Hampton, Christine V.; Lugaro, Maria; Papakonstantinou, Panagiota; Isar, P. Gina; Nordström, Birgitta; Özkan, Nalan; Aliotta, Marialuisa; Ćiprijanović, Aleksandra; Curtis, Sanjana; Di Criscienzo, Marcella; den Hartogh, Jacqueline; Font, Andreea S.; Kankainen, Anu; Kobayashi, Chiaki; Lederer-Woods, Claudia; Niemczura, Ewa; Rauscher, Thomas; Spyrou, Artemis; Van Eck, Sophie; Yavahchova, Mariya; Chantereau, William; de Mink, Selma E.; Kaiser, Etienne A.; Thielemann, Friedrich Karl; Travaglio, Claudia; Venkatesan, Aparna; Collet, Remo (Springer Science and Business Media, LLC, 2019-08-20)
      Female role models reduce the impact on women of stereotype threat, i.e., of being at risk of conforming to a negative stereotype about one's social, gender, or racial group [1,2]. This can lead women scientists to ...