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    • The Far-Infrared Radio Correlation at low radio frequency with LOFAR/H-ATLAS 

      Read, Shaun; Smith, Daniel; Gurkan, Gulay; Hardcastle, Martin; Williams, Wendy Louise; Best, P.N.; Brinks, Elias; Calistro-Rivera, Gabriela; Chyzy, K.T.; Duncan, Kenneth J.; Dunne, Loretta; Jarvis, M. J.; Morabito, Leah K.; Prandoni, I.; Rottgering, H. J. A.; Sabater, Jose; Viaene, Sébastien (2018-11-11)
      The radio and far-infrared luminosities of star-forming galaxies are tightly correlated over several orders of magnitude; this is known as the far-infrared radio correlation (FIRC). Previous studies have shown that a host ...
    • A LOFAR mini-survey for low-frequency radio emission from the nearest brown dwarfs 

      Burningham, Ben; Hardcastle, Martin; Nichols, Jonathan; Casewell, Sarah; Littlefair, Stuart; Stark, Craig; Burleigh, Matthew; Metchev, Stanimir; Tannock, Megan; van Weeren, Reinout; Williams, Wendy Louise; Wynn, Graham (2016-12-01)
      We have conducted a mini-survey for low-frequency radio emission from some of the closest brown dwarfs to the Sun with rapid rotation rates: SIMP J013656.5+093347, WISEPC J150649.97+702736.0, and WISEPA J174124.26+255319.5. ...