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    • MagAO Imaging of Long-period Objects (MILO). II. A Puzzling White Dwarf around the Sun-like Star HD 11112 

      Rodigas, Timothy J.; Bergeron, P.; Simon, Amelie; Arriagada, Pamela; Faherty, Jackie; Anglada-Escude, Guillem; Mamajek, Eric E.; Weinberger, Alycia; Butler, R. Paul; Males, Jared R.; Morzinski, Katie; Close, Laird M.; Hinz, Philip M.; Bailey, Jeremy; Carter, Brad; Jenkins, James S.; Jones, Hugh; O'Toole, Simon; Tinney, C. G.; Wittenmyer, Rob; Debes, John (2016-11-10)
      HD 11112 is an old, Sun-like star that has a long-term radial velocity (RV) trend indicative of a massive companion on a wide orbit. Here we present direct images of the source responsible for the trend using the Magellan ...