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    • The ATLAS 3D Project - XXXI. Nuclear radio emission in nearby early-type galaxies 

      Nyland, K.; Young, L.~M.; Wrobel, J.~M.; Sarzi, M.; Morganti, R.; Alatalo, K.; Blitz, L.; Bournaud, F.; Bureau, M.; Cappellari, M.; Crocker, A.~F.; Davies, R.~L.; Davis, Timothy; de Zeeuw, P.~T.; Duc, P.-A.; Emsellem, E.; Khochfar, S.; Krajnovi, D.; Kuntschner, H.; McDermid, R.~M.; Naab, T.; Oosterloo, T.; Scott, N.; Serra, P.; Weijmans, A.-M. (2016-05-11)
      We present the results of a high-resolution, 5 GHz, Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array study of the nuclear radio emission in a representative subset of the ATLAS3D survey of early-type galaxies (ETGs). We find that 51 ± 4 ...