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    • Electrical properties of aggregated detonation nanodiamonds 

      Bevilacqua, Mose; Patel, Sameer; Chaudhary, Aysha; Ye, Haitao; Jackman, Richard B (2008-09-29)
      Nanometer-scale diamonds formed using a detonation process are an interesting class of diamondmaterials. Commercially supplied material is highly aggregated with∼5nm diamond crystals forming particles with micron sizes. ...
    • Electronic properties of homoepytaxial (111) highly Boron-doped diamond films 

      Ye, Haitao; Tumilty, Niall; Bevilacqua, Mose; Curat, Stephane; Nesladek, Milos; Bazin, Bertrand; Bergonzo, Philippe; Jackman, Richard B. (2009)
      The use of diamond as a semiconductor for the realization of transistor structures, which can operate at high temperatures (>700 K), is of increasing interest. In terms of bipolar devices, the growth of n-type phosphorus ...
    • Nanocrystalline diamond as an electronic material : an impedance spectroscopic study and Hall effect measurement study 

      Bevilacqua, Mose; Tumilty, Niall; Mitra, Chiranjib; Ye, Haitao; Feygelson, Tatayana; Butler, James E.; Jackman, Richard B. (2010)
      Nanocrystalline diamond (NCD) has been grown using a nanodiamond seeding technique, leading to a dense form of this material, with grain sizes around 100 nm. The electrical properties of both intrinsic and lightly boron-doped ...