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    • A Retórica da Academia e os Limites da Comunicação 

      Buchler, D.; Biggs, M. (Conselho de Pesquisas em Educação e Ciências, 2009)
      In areas of design practice, the paradigm of knowledge has not been clearly articulated, but some of its characteristics appear to include a valorisation of subjectivity; plurality of interpretation; objects that embody ...
    • A-Wardpβ : Effective hierarchical clustering using the Minkowski metric and a fast k-means initialisation 

      Cordeiro De Amorim, Renato; Makarenkov, Vladimir; Mirkin, Boris (2016-11-20)
      In this paper we make two novel contributions to hierarchical clustering. First, we introduce an anomalous pattern initialisation method for hierarchical clustering algorithms, called A-Ward, capable of substantially ...
    • The AAO/UKST SuperCOSMOS Ha survey 

      Parker, Q.A.; Phillipps, S.; Pierce, M.J.; Hartley, M.; Read, M.; MacGillivray, H.T.; Tritton, S.B.; Cass, C.P.; Cannon, R.D.; Cohen, M.; Drew, J.E.; Frew, D.J.; Hopewell, E.C.; Mader, S.; Malin, D.F.; Masheder, M.R.W.; Morgan, D.H.; Morris, R.A.H.; Russeil, D.; Russell, K.S.; Walker, R.N.F.; Hambly, N.C. (2005)
      The UK Schmidt Telescope (UKST) of the Anglo-Australian Observatory completed a narrow-band H plus [NII] 6548, 6584°A survey of the Southern Galactic Plane and Magellanic Clouds in late 2003. The survey, which was the last ...
    • Abbey Steel : Conquering the steel recycling market 

      Catulli, Maurizio (Oxford University Publishing, 2010)
      This chapter summarizes a case study involving recycled steel trader Abbey Steel Ltd. The company, with the assistance of the University of Hertfordshire Academics enhanced its customer retention by designing and implementing ...
    • The ABC model revisited 

      Tschudi, Finn; Winter, David (Wiley Blackwell, 2011)
    • Abell 1367: a high fraction of late-type galaxies displaying HI morphological and kinematic perturbations 

      Scott, T. C.; Brinks, E.; Cortese, L.; Boselli, A.; Bravo-Alfaro, H. (2018-04-21)
      To investigate the effects the cluster environment has on late-type galaxies (LTGs), we studied HI perturbation signatures for all Abell 1367 LTGs with HI detections. We used new Very Large Array HI observations combined ...
    • Aberrant driving behaviours amongst New Zealand truck drivers 

      Sullman, M.J.M.; Pajo, K.B.; Meadows, M.L. (2002-01-01)
      Research using the driver behaviour questionnaire (DBQ) has found that aberrant driving behaviours can be categorised into: errors, lapses and violations (and aggressive violations, depending on the version of the DBQ ...
    • The Ability of the Small Ice Detector (SID-2) to Characterize Cloud Particle and Aerosol Morphologies Obtained during Flights of the FAAM BAe-146 Research Aircraft 

      Cotton, R.; Osborne, S.; Ulanowski, Z.; Hirst, E.; Kaye, Paul H.; Greenaway, R. (2010)
      The Small Ice Detector mark 2 (SID-2), which was built by the University of Hertfordshire, has been operated by the Met Office on the Facility for Atmospheric Airborne Research (FAAM) BAe-146 aircraft during a large number ...
    • L'Abitare come potrebbe essere 

      Carta, Silvio (libria, 2016-06)
      The chapter introduces the monographic work of the architectural practice C+C04 Studio, analysing their residential projects.
    • Abnormal synaptic plasticity and impaired spatial cognition in mice transgenic for exon 1 of the human Huntington's disease mutation 

      Murphy, K. P. S. J.; Carter, R. J.; Mangiarini, L.; Mahal, A.; Bates, G. P.; Dunnett, S.B.; Morton, A. J.; Lione, Lisa (2000-07-01)
      Huntington's disease (HD) is an autosomal dominant progressive and fatal neurodegenerative brain disorder caused by an expanded CAG/polyglutamine repeat in the coding region of the gene. Presymptomatic Huntington's disease ...
    • About Painting : About Painting 1: Zürich, sihlquai55 offspace, Zürich, Switzerland 

      Dalwood, Alison; Utzni, Sebastian; Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities Research Institute; School of Creative Arts; Art and Design; Research into Practice (2011-04)
      About painting looks at painting from the inside and considers the forces shaping it and controversy surrounding the medium. The project considers the wider contexts in which painting is exhibited and made. For example how ...
    • About Painting : Shadow Series 

      Dalwood, Alison (2011-10)
      About Painting looks at painting from the inside and considers the forces shaping it and controversy surrounding the medium. The project considers the wider contexts in which painting is exhibited and made. For example how ...
    • About the Impact Behaviour of Railway Fastening Systems 

      Grasso, Marzio; Penta, Francesco; Pucillo, Giovanni Pio; Rosiello, Vincenzo (Newswood Limited, 2015-07)
      On the basis of what established by the Product Technical Specifications - Specifiche Tecniche di Prodotto RFI (STP) - regarding the performance requirements that fastening systems between sleepers and rails should meet ...
    • About the preliminary design of a self-aligning energy absorber system for railway vehicles 

      Grasso, Marzio (2013-10-01)
      A new impact energy absorber for a railway car, which maintains its optimal performances even when an impact with a vertical offset occurs, is described. Starting from the description of the concept design, the present ...
    • Abrasive water jet drilling of advanced sustainable bio-fibre-reinforced polymer/hybrid composites : a comprehensive analysis of machining-induced damage responses 

      Dhakal, H. N.; Ismail, S.O.; Ojo, S. O.; Smith, J. R. (2018-12-01)
      This paper aims at investigating the effects of variable traverse speeds on machining-induced damage of fibre-reinforced composites, using the abrasive water jet (AWJ) drilling. Three different types of epoxy-based composites ...
    • Absence of age effects on spontaneous past and future thinking in daily life 

      Warden, Elizabeth; Plimpton, Benjamin; Kvavilashvili, Lia (2019-06)
      Previous research on voluntary mental time travel (i.e., deliberately thinking about the past or future) has resulted in negative age effects. In contrast, studies on spontaneous past thoughts (i.e., involuntary autobiographical ...
    • The absence of an environmental dependence in the mass-metallicity relation at z = 2 

      Kacprzak, Glenn G.; Yuan, Tiantian; Nanayakkara, Themiya; Kobayashi, Chiaki; Tran, Kim V. Y. H.; Kewley, Lisa J.; Glazebrook, Karl; Spitler, Lee; Taylor, Philip; Cowley, Michael; Labbe, Ivo; Straatman, Caroline; Tomczak, Adam (2015-04-02)
      We investigate the environmental dependence of the mass-metallicity relation at z = 2 with MOSFIRE/Keck as part of the ZFIRE survey. Here, we present the chemical abundance of a Virgo-like progenitor at z = 2.095 that has ...
    • The Absence of Diffuse Gas around the Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy Leo I 

      Bowen, D.V.; Tolstoy, E.; Ferrera, A.; Blades, J.C.; Brinks, E. (1997)
      We have obtained spectra of three QSO/AGNs with the GHRS aboard the Hubble Space Telescope to search for absorption from low column density gas in the halo of the dwarf spheroidal (dSph) galaxy Leo I. The probe sight lines ...
    • An absolute calibration of DENIS (deep near infrared southern sky survey) 

      Fouque, P.; Chevallier, L.; Cohen, M.; Galliano, E.; Loup, C.; Alard, C.; de Batz, B.; Bertin, E.; Borsenberger, J.; Cioni, M-R.L.; Copet, E.; Dennefeld, M.; Derriere, S.; Deul, E.; Duc, P.A.; Egret, D.; Epchtein, N.; Forveille, T.; Garzon, F.; Habing, H.J.; Hron, J.; Kimeswenger, S.; Lacombe, F.; Le Bertre, T.; Mamon, G.A.; Omont, O.; Paturel, G.; Pau, S.; Persi, P.; Robin, A.C.; Rouan, D.; Schultheis, M.; Simon, G.; Tiphene, D.; Vauglin, I.; Wagner, S. (2000)
      An absolute calibration of the DENIS photometric system is presented. It includes the determination of the overall transmission profiles in the 3 bands, namely i, J and Ks, combining contributions from atmosphere, telescope ...