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    • W(h)ither the European Shrinking City? 

      Schlappa, Hans; Neill, William, J.V. (Taylor & Francis, 2016-03-15)
      In this chapter we introduce the topic of urban shrinkage by providing an indication of the scale and complexity of urban shrinkage in Europe. Referring to key policy debates and academic discourses on urban shrinkage this ...
    • Wage theory, new deal labor policy, and the great depression : Were government and unions to blame? 

      Kaufman, B. (2012-07-01)
      A growing number of economists blame the length and severity of the Great Depression on factors that rigidified wage rates, raised production costs, and interfered with the market allocation of labor. The target of their ...
    • Waiting for Miracles : The Commercialization of Urban Water Services in Zambia 

      Dagdeviren, Hulya (2008)
      This article focuses on the commercialization of urban water services in Zambia. It aims to demonstrate the tension between cost recovery and service extension when water sector reforms combine investment cuts with price ...
    • Waiting in software projects: an exploratory study 

      Rainer, A. (University of Hertfordshire, 2003)
      In preparation for a larger investigation, Bradac, Perry and Votta conducted a time diary study of how a developer spent their time over a 30-month period. They conducted their study to better understand, and ultimately ...
    • Waitrose Pesticide Load Indicator (WPLI) 

      School of Life and Medical Sciences; Department of Human and Environmental Sciences; Health & Human Sciences Research Institute; Geography, Environment and Agriculture; Agriculture and Environment Research Unit; Agriculture, Food and Veterinary Sciences; Tzilivakis, John; Lewis, Kathleen (2013-09-27)
      Software and spreadsheet developed for Waitrose to help steer their the pesticide use policy for their growers worldwide in a more sustainable direction.
    • “WAKE UP AND DREAM FOR THE 80S”: Nigel Coates 1975-82 

      Jamieson, Claire (2015-01-02)
      Nigel Coates graduated from Bernard Tschumi's unit at the Architectural Association in 1974, before joining him in 1977 to develop a new unit together. These were formative years for Coates, a period that shaped his ...
    • Walking Basketball Program: : Evaluation Report for Basketball Victoria 

      Jenkin, Claire; Hilland, Toni; Eime, Rochelle M. (University of Hertfordshire, 2018-05-25)
      Modified sport programs were initially developed for young children and were aimed at providing an opportunity to participate in a modified version of the adult-based sport. This involved modifying the sport to suit young ...
    • War Monuments and the Changing Discourses of Nation and Soldiery 

      Abousnnouga, Gillian (Continuum, 2010)
    • Ward-based pharmacists are beneficial and cost-effective 

      Dawoud, Dalia M; Barnett, Nina (2018-10-29)
    • Warm Neutral Gas at Redshift 3.4 

      Briggs, F.; Brinks, E.; Wolfe, A.M. (1997)
    • Warmth and Competence to Predict Human Preference of Robot Behavior in Physical Human-Robot Interaction 

      Scheunemann, Marcus M.; Cuijpers, Raymond H.; Salge, Christoph (IEEE, 2020-10-14)
      A solid methodology to understand human perception and preferences in human-robot interaction (HRI) is crucial in designing real-world HRI. Social cognition posits that the dimensions Warmth and Competence are central and ...
    • A Warp in Progress : H I and Radio Continuum Observations of the Spiral NGC 3145 

      Kaufman, Michele; Brinks, E.; Struck, Curtis; Elmegreen, Bruce G.; Elmegreen, Debra M. (2015-09)
      We present VLA H I and 6 cm radio continuum observations of the spiral NGC 3145 and H I observations of its two companions, NGC 3143 and PGC 029578. In optical images NGC 3145 has stellar arms that appear to cross, forming ...
    • Was Proxima captured by alpha Centauri A and B? 

      Feng, F.; Jones, Hugh (2018-01-21)
      The nearest stellar system consists of the stars Proxima, Alpha Centauri A and B and at least one planet Proxima b. The habitability of Proxima b and any other planets are likely to be significantly influenced by the orbital ...
    • Was the later Wittgenstein a transcendental idealist? 

      Hutto, D. (Continuum, 1996)
      In his paper "Wittgenstein and Idealism" Professor Williams proposed a 'model' for reading Wittgenstein's later philosophy which he claimed exposed its transcendental idealist character. By this he roughly meant that ...
    • Was the Nazi-regime uniquely criminal? 

      Francois, Pieter (St. James Press, 2003)
    • A waste of energy? A critical assessment of the investigation of the UK Energy Market by the Competition and Markets Authority 

      Amountzias, Chrysovalantis; Dagdeviren, Hulya; Patokos, Tassos (2017-02-01)
      In this paper, we assess the findings of the UK energy market investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority, conducted during June 2014–June 2016.We argue that the results of the investigation have been advantageous ...
    • Watching Brief 

      Gates, Robert (2012-01)
      Learning disability nursing is facing a crucial time and action is needed if the profession is to continue in its current form...
    • Water and titanium oxide in late-type M dwarfs 

      Jones, H.R.A.; Viti, S.; Miller, S.; Tennyson, J.; Allard, F.; Hauschildt, P. (Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 1996)
      Despite the identification of brown dwarf candidates the lack of understanding of M dwarfs has meant that it has not been possible to unambiguously distinguish these candidates from cool M dwarfs. Unlike hotter stars their ...
    • Water Harvesters of The Western Ghats 

      School of Life and Medical Sciences; Department of Human and Environmental Sciences; Health & Human Sciences Research Institute; Geography, Environment and Agriculture; Water and Environment; Agriculture, Veterinary and Food Sciences; Crook, Darren; Tripathi, Sudhir; Ullah, Abu (UH School of Creative Art (digital media), 2013-08-28)
      A short film about traditinal water harvesters practising suranga irrigation in southern Karnataka and northern Kerala, India
    • Water metering: in search of a more critical debate. 

      Jenkins, J.O. (CIWEM / Aqua Enviro, 2006)
      This paper argues that the envisaged role for domestic metering in conserving and reducing the demands placed upon water resources should be subject to more open and critical debate. Such debate is central to ensuring ...