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    • The IPHAS-POSS-I proper motion survey of the Galactic plane 

      Deacon, Niall; Groot, P.; Drew, J.E.; Greimel, R.; Hambly, N.C.; Irwin, M.J.; Aungwerojwit, A.; Drake, J.; Steeghs, D. (2009)
      We present a proper motion survey of the Galactic plane, using Isaac Newton Telescope (INT) Photometric Hα Survey (IPHAS) data and Palomar Sky Survey (POSS)-I Schmidt plate data as a first epoch, that probes down to proper ...
    • IR Imaging Polarimetry of the Nuclear Regions of CEN A 

      Bailey, J.; Hough, J.; Chrysostomou, A. (Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 1994)
      Aperture polarimetry of the nucleus of Cen A (Bailey et al. 1986) revealed a very red polarized source present in the K and L bands which was interpreted as a blazar type nucleus. To study this region in more detail we ...
    • IR imaging surveys of AGB stars in the Magellanic Clouds 

      Cioni, M-R.L. (2010)
      AGB stars are ideal IR targets because they are cool and bright. Most of them escaped detection in optical or shallow IR surveys in the eighties contributing to the puzzling missing number of AGB stars with respect to ...
    • IR imaging surveys of AGB stars in the Magellanic Clouds 

      Cioni, M-R.L. (European Astronomical Society, 2010)
      AGB stars are ideal IR targets because they are cool and bright. Most of them escaped detection in optical or shallow IR surveys in the eighties contributing to the puzzling missing number of AGB stars with respect to ...
    • IR photometry and polarimetry of 2A0311−227 

      Bailey, J.; Hough, J.; Axon, D.J. (1980)
      The X-ray source 2A0311 − 227 has recently been identified with a star whose spectrum and polarization properties show it to be an AM Herculis type binary. These binaries are thought to consist of a synchronously rotating ...
    • The IR variability of SS433 

      Giles, A.B.; King, A.R.; Jameson, R.F.; Sherrington, M.R.; Hough, J.; Bailey, J.; Cunningham, E.C. (1980)
      We report here the results of a one-year monitoring programme of SS433 at IR and visual wavelengths. The most striking feature of these observations is the near constancy of the IR colours while the source's flux varies ...
    • An Iranian Perspective on Patients' Rights 

      Joolaee, Soodabeh; Nikbakht-Nasrabadi, Alireza; Parsa-Yekta, Zohreh; Tschudin, Verena; Mansouri, Iman (2006)
      The aim of this phenomenological research study carried out in Iran was to capture the meaning of patients' rights from the lived experiences of patients and their companions. To achieve this, 12 semistructured interviews ...
    • IRAS 20050+2720 : Anatomy of a young stellar cluster 

      Günther, H.M.; Wolk, S.J.; Spitzbart, B.; Forbrich, J.; Wright, N.J.; Bourke, T.L.; Gutermuth, R.A.; Allen, L.; Megeath, S.T.; Pipher, J.L. (2012-10-01)
      IRAS 20050+2720 is young star-forming region at a distance of 700 pc without apparent high-mass stars. We present results of our multi-wavelength study of IRAS 20050+2720 which includes observations by Chandra and Spitzer, ...
    • IRDC cores in SCUBA Legacy Catalogue (Parsons+, 2009) 

      Parsons, H.; Thompson, M.A.; Chrysostomou, A. (2011-08-01)
    • Iris Murdoch and the Borders of Analytic Philosophy 

      Milligan, Tony (2012-06)
      Iris Murdoch's philosophical texts depart significantly from familiar analytic discursive norms. (Such as the norms concerning argument structure and the minimization of rhetoric.) This may lead us to adopt one of two ...
    • Iris Murdoch's Mortal Asymmetry 

      Milligan, Tony (2007)
      Iris Murdoch holds that the best sort of life is a figurative death of the self. This figurative death is informed by an acceptance of real mortality. A recognition of mortality is supposed to help redirect our attention ...
    • Iron 60 evidence for early injection and efficient mixing of stellar debris in the protosolar nebula 

      Dauphas, N.; Cook, D. L.; Sacarabany, A.; Froehlich, Carla; Davis, A. M.; Wadhwa, M.; Pourmand, A.; Rauscher, T.; Gallino, R. (2008-10-10)
      Among extinct radioactivities present in meteorites, Fe-60 (t(1/2) = 1.49 Myr) plays a key role as a high-resolution chronometer, a heat source in planetesimals, and a fingerprint of the astrophysical setting of solar ...
    • Iron-Group Abundances in the Metal-Poor Main Sequence Turnoff Star HD~84937 

      Sneden, Christopher; Cowan, John J.; Kobayashi, Chiaki; Pignatari, Marco; Lawler, James E.; Hartog, Elizabeth A. Den; Wood, Michael P. (2016-01-20)
      We have derived new very accurate abundances of the Fe-group elements Sc through Zn (Z = 21-30) in the bright main-sequence turnoff star HD 84937, based on high-resolution spectra covering the visible and ultraviolet ...
    • Irony and humour in the Postscript 

      Lippitt, John (Cambridge University Press, 2010)
    • Irony, relevance and pragmatic interpretation in Spanish 

      Rosales Sequeiros, X. (2010)
      This article examines the interpretation of irony in Spanish. It first looks at traditional approaches such as the Gricean model, which classify irony together with other tropes like metaphor, hyperbole, or understatement. ...
    • The irrelevant sound effect: What needs modelling and a tentative model 

      Page, M.P.A.; Norris, D. (2003)
      This paper reviews the literature on the irrelevant sound effect and concludes that, contrary to some claims, the data consistently show that irrelevant sound and articulatory suppression are not functionally equivalent. ...
    • Is a sense of humour a virtue? 

      Lippitt, John (2005)
    • Is Agent-Based Virtue Ethics Self-Undermining? 

      Ransome, William (2010)
      Agent-based virtue ethics strives to offer a viable account of both moral conduct and the source of moral value, independent of ‘deontic’ teleological and deontological characterizations. One of its chief proponents offers ...
    • Is credentialing the solution to the workforce crisis? 

      Scott, Patricia (2017-04-13)
      With the number of patient attendances increasing, we need to address the challenges facing the emergency care workforce, particularly how the system can survive the shortage of doctors. It is a strategic priority for ...
    • Is current institutional quality linked to legal origins and disease endowments? Evidence from Africa 

      Gagliardi, Francesca; Emenalo, Chukwunonye O. (2019-07-18)
      This paper empirically assesses if and to what extent cross-country differences in institutions inherited from the past affect current institutional quality in Africa. Specifically, the work evaluates if legal origins and ...