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    • Gravitational bar and spiral arm torques from Ks-band observations and implications for the pattern speeds 

      Block, D.L.; Buta, R.J.; Knapen, J.; Elmegreen, D.M.; Elmegreen, B.; Puerari, I. (2004-07)
    • The gravitational torque of bar in optically unbarred and barred galaxies 

      Block, D.L.; Puerari, I.; Knapen, J.; Elmegreen, B.; Buta, R.J.; Stedman, S.; Elmegreen, D.M. (2001-09)
    • The Gravitational Torque of Bars 

      Puerari, I.; Block, D.L.; Knapen, J.; Elmegreen, B.; Buta, R.J.; Stedman, S.; Elmegreen, D.M. (Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 2002)
      We have determined the gravitational torque of a sample of 45 galaxies observed at K band with the 4.2m William Herschel Telescope. The results of this sample, combined with those for a sample of 30 galaxies previously ...
    • Gravitationally induced inflow in Starbursts and Agn 

      Knapen, J. (2005)
      There is considerable evidence that the circumnuclear regions of galaxies are intimately related to their host galaxies, most directly through their bars. There is also convincing evidence for relations between the properties ...
    • Gravity dependence at the bottom of the main sequence 

      Viti, S.; Jones, H.R.A. (1999)
      We investigate the effects of gravity on the infrared spectra of objects around the M dwarf to brown dwarf transition. We focus on observations of the very low-mass objects TVLM513–46546 and GJ 569B from 1 to 2.5 m. These ...
    • Gravity-wave-induced cloud formation in desert dust : Observation with temperature/humidity/aerosol Raman lidar in the framework of earlinet 

      Ansmann, Albert; Mattis, I.; Mueller, D.; Wandinger, U.; Althausen, D. (ESA PUBLICATIONS DIVISION C/O ESTEC, 2004)
      The evolution of three cloud layers that formed during the passage of a gravity wave in a desert dust layer was monitored with an advanced Raman lidar. Dust is characterized in terms of particle optical properties. The ...
    • The grazing encounter between IC 2163 and NGC 2207: pushing the limits of observational modelling 

      Struck, C.; Kaufman, M.; Brinks, E.; Thomasson, M.; Elmegreen, B.; Elmegreen, D.M. (2005)
    • GRB 001109: deep JHK upper limits 

      Vreeswijk, P.M.; Rol, E.; Packham, C.; Tanvir, N.; Kouveliotou, C.; Wijers, R.A.M.J.; Knapen, J. (2000)
      We observed the field of GRB 001109 [1] in J, H and Ks with INGRID on the 4.2m William Herschel Telescope on La Palma, Canary Islands on Nov. 9.8 and 11.8 UT, respectively 10 and 59 hours after the burst. The 50" radius ...
    • The GRB 030329 host: a blue low metallicity subluminous galaxy with intense star formation 

      Gorosabel, J.; Perez-Ramirez, D.; Sollerman, J.; de Ugarte Postigo, A.; Fynbo, J.; Castro-Tirado, A.J.; Jakobsson, P.; Christensen, L.; Hjorth, J.; Johannesson, G.; Guziy, S.; Castro Ceron, J.M.; Bjornsson, G.; Sokolov, V.V.; Fatkhullin, T.A.; Nilsson, K. (2005)
    • GRB 050509B: Constraints on Short Gamma Ray Burst Models 

      Hjorth, J.; Sollerman, J.; Gorosabel, J.; Granot, J.; Klose, S.; Kouveliotou, C.; Melinder, J.; Ramirez-Ruiz, E.; Starling, R.L.; Thomsen, B.; Anderson, M.I.; Fynbo, J.; Jensen, B.L.; Vreeswijk, P.M.; Castro Ceron, J.M.; Jakobsson, P.; Levan, A.; Pedersen, K.; Rhoads, J.E.; Tanvir, N.; Watson, D.; Wijers, R.A.M.J. (2005-09)
    • GRB 050814 at z = 5.3 and the Redshift Distribution of Swift GRBs 

      Jakobsson, P.; Levan, A.; Fynbo, J. (2006)
    • GRB 050814 at z = 5.3 and the Redshift Distribution of Swift GRBs 

      Jakobsson, P.; Levan, A.; Fynbo, J. (American Institute of Physics, 2006)
    • GRB 060206 and the quandary of achromatic breaks in afterglow light curves 

      Curran, P.; van der Horst, A.J.; Wijers, R.A.M.J.; Starling, R.L.; Castro-Tirado, A.J.; Fynbo, J.; Gorosabel, J.; Jarvinen, A.S.; Malesani, D.; Rol, E.; Tanvir, N.; Wiersema, K.; Burleigh, M.R.; Casewell, S.L.; Dobbie, P.D.; Guziy, S.; Jakobsson, P.; Jelinek, M.; Laursen, P.; Levan, A.; Mundell, C.G.; Naranen, J.; Piranomonte, S. (2007)
    • The GRB 060218/SN 2006aj event in the context of other gamma-ray burst supernovae 

      Ferrero, P.; Kann, D.A.; Zeh, A.; Klose, S.; Pian, E.; Palazzi, E.; Masetti, N.; Hartmann, D.H.; Sollerman, J.; Deng, J.; Filippenko, A.; Greiner, J.; Hughes, M.A.; Mazzali, P.; Li, W.; Rol, E.; Smith, R.J.; Tanvir, N. (2006)
    • GRB 080503: Implications of a Naked Short Gamma-Ray Burst Dominated by Extended Emission 

      Perley, D.A.; Metzger, B.D.; Granot, J.; Butler, N.R.; Sakamoto, T.; Ramirez-Ruiz, E.; Levan, A.; Bloom, J.S.; Miller, A.A.; Bunker, A.; Chen, H-W.; Filippenko, A.; Gehrels, N.; Glazebrook, K.; Hall, P.B.; Hurley, K.; Kocevski, D.; Li, W.; Lopez, S.; Norris, J.; Piro, A.L.; Poznanski, D.; Prochaska, J.X.; Quataert, E.; Tanvir, N. (2009)
      We report on observations of GRB 080503, a short gamma-ray burst (GRB) with very bright extended emission (about 30 times the gamma-ray fluence of the initial spike) in conjunction with a thorough comparison to other short ...
    • GRB 081028 and its late-time afterglow re-brightening 

      Margutti, R.; Genet, F.; Granot, J.; Duran, R.B.; Guidorzi, C.; Chincarini, G.; Mao, J.; Schady, P.; Sakamoto, T.; Miller, A.A.; Olofsson, G.; Bloom, J.S.; Evans, P.A.; Fynbo, J.; Malesani, D.; Moretti, A.; Pasotti, F.; Starr, D.; Burrows, D.N.; Barthelmy, S.; Roming, P.W.A.; Gehrels, N. (2010)
      Swift captured for the first time a smoothly rising X-ray re-brightening of clear non-flaring origin after the steep decay in a long gamma-ray burst (GRB): GRB 081028. A rising phase is likely present in all GRBs but is ...
    • GRB 090902B: afterglow observations and implications 

      Pandey, S.B.; Swenson, C.A.; Perley, D.A.; Guidorzi, C.; Wiersema, K.; Malesani, D.; Akerlof, C.; Ashley, M.C.B.; Bersier, D.; Cano, Z.; Gomboc, A.; Ilyin, I.; Jakobsson, P.; Kleiser, I.K.W.; Kobayashi, S.; Kouveliotou, C.; Levan, A.; McKay, T.A.; Melandri, A.; Mottram, C.J.; Mundell, C.G.; O'Brien, P.T.; Phillips, A.; Rex, J.M.; Siegel, M.H.; Smith, R.J.; Steele, I.A.; Stratta, G.; Tanvir, N.; Weights, D.; Yost, S.A.; Yuan, F.; Zheng, W. (2010)
      The optical-infrared afterglow of the Large Area Telescope (LAT)-detected long-duration burst, GRB 090902B, has been observed by several instruments. The earliest detection by ROTSE-IIIa occurred 80 minutes after detection ...
    • GRB afterglows: illuminating the star-forming universe 

      Vreeswijk, P.M.; Moller, P.; Ledoux, C.; Ellison, C.; Masetti, N.; Fynbo, J.; Jakobsson, P.; Hjorth, J. (2004)
    • GRB030115 submm upper limit. 

      Hoge, J. C.; Stevens, Jason; Moriarty-Schieven, G.; Tilanus, R. P. J. (2003)
      Observations have been made of the infrared afterglow candidate to GRB 030115 (GCN 1818) using the SCUBA bolometer array on the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope located on Mauna Kea, Hawaii. The observations took place on ...
    • GRBs in Pulsar Wind Bubbles: Observational Implications 

      Guetta, D.; Granot, J. (Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 2004)