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    • Guideline of Guidelines: Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer 

      Omorphos, Nicolas; Pansaon Piedad, John Carlo; Vasdev, Nikhil (2020-09-21)
      Muscle-invasive bladder cancer accounts for 25% of bladder cancer cases and represents a spectrum of disease, which can result in significant morbidity and mortality for anyone affected. Current management has evolved ...
    • Guidelines for farmers in nitrate vulnerable zones 

      Department of Human and Environmental Sciences; Health & Human Sciences Research Institute; Agriculture and Environment Research Unit; Green, Andrew; Tzilivakis, John; Warner, Douglas; Lewis, Kathleen (Scottish Executive, 2004)
    • Guidelines for general practitioners with a special interest in dermatology : where are we now? 

      Schofield, J. (2007)
      The NHS Plan published in 2000 proposed that, ‘By 2004 … there will be up to 1,000 specialist GPs taking referrals from fellow GPs’. Dermatology was identified as a specialty in which GPs with a Special Interest (GPwSIs) ...
    • Guidelines for robot-human environments in therapy 

      Salter, T.; Dautenhahn, K. (2004)
    • Guilt, Agency, Listening and 32-bit – a composer’s need to capture the sound of Covid 

      Godman, Robert (2021-06-01)
      As a composer and sound designer, academic and researcher, listener, cyclist, home-schooler and dad, my working patterns and life-style have changed enormously over the past year. Having taken for granted many aspects of ...
    • Gyrospun antimicrobial nanoparticle loaded fibrous polymeric filters 

      Ren, Guogang; Eranka Illangakoon, U.; Mahalingam, S.; Cheong, Yuen Ki; Canales, E.; Cloutman-Green, E.; Edirisinghe, M.; Ciric, L. (2017-05-01)
      A one step approach to prepare hybrid nanoparticle embedded polymer fibres using pressurised gyration is presented. Two types of novel antimicrobial nanoparticles and poly (methylmethacrylate) polymer were used in this ...
    • H 2O and OH Masers as Probes of the Obscuring Torus in NGC 1068 

      Gallimore, J.F.; Baum, S.A.; O'Dea, C.P.; Brinks, E.; Pedlar, A. (1996)
      We report the discovery of OH masers and positionally resolved H_2_O maser emission in the nucleus of NGC 1068. The brightest H_2_O masers are associated with the radio continuum component that is probably the location of ...
    • The H alpha galaxy survey. I. The galaxy sample, H alpha narrow-band observations and star formation parameters for 334 galaxies 

      James, P.A.; Shane, N.S.; Beckman, J.E.; Cardwell, A.; Collins, C.A.; Etherton, J.; de Jong, R.S.; Fathi, K.; Knapen, J.; Peletier, R.F.; Percival, S.M.; Pollacco, D.L.; Seigar, M.S.; Stedman, S. (2004)
      We discuss the selection and observations of a large sample of nearby galaxies, which we are using to quantify the star formation activity in the local Universe. The sample consists of 334 galaxies across all Hubble types ...
    • H alpha spectropolarimetry of the Herbig Ae star AB Aurigae 

      Drew, J.E.; Pontefract, M.; Harries, T.J.; Oudmaijer, R.D. (2000)
      We present spectropolarimetric observations, obtained at Hα, of the Herbig Ae star AB Aurigae. Changes in linear polarization across the Hα line probe structure in the immediate circumstellar environment of the central ...
    • An H I absorption line survey of Messier 31 

      Dickey, J.M.; Brinks, E. (1988-08-01)
      The 21-cm absorption through the disk of M31 has been observed, using the VLA to study the cool atomic phase of the interstellar medium in this nearby spiral galaxy. It is found that the abundance of diffuse clouds with ...
    • An H I absorption survey of M31 and M33 - The mixture of warm and cool phases in the interstellar media of spiral galaxies 

      Dickey, J.M.; Brinks, E. (1993)
      The VLA in A-array is used to survey the nearby spiral galaxies M31 and M33 in the 21-cm line in order to measure absorption by the H I toward background continuum sources. Spectral line cubes with rms noise less than 1.2 ...
    • H I and CO Emission in Blue Compact Dwarfs: Haro 2 and Haro 4/26 

      Bravo-Alfaro, H.; Brinks, E.; Baker, A.J.; Walter, F.; Kunth, D. (Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 2002)
      We present VLA HI imaging of two actively star-forming dwarf galaxies, Haro 2 and Haro 4, and of the spiral galaxy NGC 3510 (Haro 26), some 22' SW of Haro 4 (8.5kpc). We also present a map of the CO(1-0) distribution of ...
    • H I and CO in Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxies: Haro 2 and Haro 4 

      Bravo-Alfaro, H.; Brinks, E.; Baker, A.J.; Walter, F.; Kunth, D. (2004-01)
    • H I asymmetries in the isolated galaxy CIG 292 

      Portas, Antonio; Scott, Tom C.; Brinks, E.; Bosma, Albert; Verdes-Montenegro, Lourdes; Heesen, V.; Espada, Daniel; Verley, Simon; Sulentic, Jack; Sengupta, Chandreyee; Athanassoula, E.; Yun, Min (2011-09-20)
      We present Expanded Very Large Array (EVLA) D-array observations of the 21 cm line of neutral hydrogen (H-I) of CIG 292, an isolated SA(s)b galaxy at a distance of similar to 24.3 Mpc. From previous Hi single dish observations ...
    • H I Distribution in Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxies 

      Bravo-Alfaro, H.; Brinks, E.; Kunth, D.; Matias, F. (Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 2000)
      We present VLA HI observations and preliminary results for two dwarf galaxies, Haro 2 (Mrk 33) and Haro 4 (Mrk 36, which are currently experiencing a burst of star formation. We analyze the distribution and kinematics of ...
    • H I Gas in the Environment of the Seyfert Galaxies NGC 6764 and Markarian 1126 

      Wilcots, E.M.; Turnball, M.C.; Brinks, E. (2001-10)
    • H I in galactic disks 

      Brinks, E.; Bigiel, Frank; Leroy, Adam; Walter, Fabian; de Blok, W. J. G.; Bagetakos, Ioannis; Usero, Antonio; Kennicutt, Robert C. (Cambridge University Press, 2009)
      Studies of the atomic phase of the interstellar medium, via the 21-cm spectral line of neutral hydrogen (H I), play a key role in our attempts to understand the structure and evolution of disk galaxies. We present here ...
    • H I Recycling: Formation of Tidal Dwarf Galaxies 

      Duc, P.A.; Brinks, E. (Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 2001)
      Galactic collisions trigger a number of phenomena, such as transportation inward of gas from distances of up to kiloparsecs from the center of a galaxy to the nuclear region, fueling a central starburst or nuclear activity. ...
    • H I, CO and Near Infrared Observations of the BCD Galaxy Haro 2 

      Bravo-Alfaro, H.; Coziol, R.; Brinks, E.; Baker, A.J.; Walter, F.; Kunth, D. (2005)
    • An H i/Optical Atlas of H II Galaxies and Their Companions 

      Taylor, C.L.; Brinks, E.; Grashuis, R.M.; Skillman, E.D. (1995)
      We have conducted a directed search for intergalactic H I clouds, using H II galaxies as pointers to fields on the sky likely to contain such clouds. This extends our previous survey (Taylor et al. 1993) by using the VLA ...