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    • A history of high-power laser research and development in the United Kingdom 

      Danson, Colin N.; White, Malcolm; Barr, John R. M.; Bett, Thomas; Blyth, Peter; Bowley, David; Brenner, Ceri; Collins, Robert J.; Croxford, Neal; Dangor, A. E. Bucker; Devereux, Laurence; Dyer, Peter E.; Dymoke-Bradshaw, Anthony; Edwards, Christopher B.; Ewart, Paul; Ferguson, Allister I.; Girkin, John M.; Hall, Denis R.; Hanna, David C.; Harris, Wayne; Hillier, David I.; Hooker, Christopher J.; Hooker, Simon M.; Hopps, Nicholas; Hull, Janet; Hunt, David; Jaroszynski, Dino A.; Kempenaars, Mark; Kessler, Helmut; Knight, Sir Peter L.; Knight, Steve; Knowles, Adrian; Lewis, Ciaran L. S.; Lipton, Ken S.; Littlechild, Abby; Littlechild, John; Maggs, Peter; Malcolm OBE, Graeme P. A.; Mangles, Stuart P. D.; Martin, Bill (2021-04-27)
      The first demonstration of laser action in ruby was made in 1960 by T. H. Maiman of Hughes Research Laboratories, USA. Many laboratories worldwide began the search for lasers using different materials, operating at different ...