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    • Driving anger in Spain 

      Sullman, Mark J. M.; Gras, M. Eugenia; Cunill, Monica; Planes, Monserrat; Font-Mayolas, Silvia (2007-03)
      The present study examined the types of situations that cause Spanish drivers to become angry. The 33-item version of the Driver Anger Scale (Deffenbacher, Oetting, & Lynch, 1994) was used to investigate driver anger amongst ...
    • Mobile phone use while driving in a sample of Spanish university workers 

      Gras, M. Eugenia; Cunill, Monica; Sullman, Mark J. M.; Planes, Montserrat; Ayrnerich, Maria; Font-Mayolas, Silvia (2007-03)
      A number of epidemiological studies have reported drivers who use a mobile phone while driving have an elevated risk of being involved in a crash. This is particularly concerning as a survey of drivers in the Spanish region ...
    • Predictors of seat belt use amongst Spanish drivers 

      Eugenia Gras, M.; Cunill, Monica; Sullman, Mark J. M.; Planes, Monserrat; Font-Mayolas, Silvia (2007-05)
      Seat belt use on Spanish urban roads is very low. Surprisingly, there is very little information to explain this low level. A number of perceptions and expectancies about seat belt use were investigated to identify factors ...