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    • The IR variability of SS433 

      Giles, A.B.; King, A.R.; Jameson, R.F.; Sherrington, M.R.; Hough, J.; Bailey, J.; Cunningham, E.C. (1980)
      We report here the results of a one-year monitoring programme of SS433 at IR and visual wavelengths. The most striking feature of these observations is the near constancy of the IR colours while the source's flux varies ...
    • Linear polarization of T-Tauri stars 

      Hough, J.; Bailey, J.; Cunningham, E.C.; McCall, A. (1981)
      Linear polarization observations over the wavelength range 0.44-2.2 microns are presented for six T Tauri type stars. All of the stars studied show substantial polarization in the infrared, while T Tau itself (and probably ...