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    • Molecular gas kinematics within the central 250 pc of the Milky Way 

      Henshaw, J.~D.; Longmore, S.~N.; Kruijssen, J.~M.~D.; Davies, B.; Bally, J.; Barnes, A.; Battersby, C.; Cunningham, M.~R.; Ginsburg, A.; Immer, K.; Jones, P.~A.; Kendrew, S.; Mills, E.~A.~C.; Molinari, S.; Moore, T.~J.~T.; Ott, J.; Pillai, T.; Rathborne, J.; Schilke, P.; Schmiedeke, A.; Testi, L.; Walker, D.; Walsh, A.; Zhang, Q.; Dale, James (2016-02-12)
      Using spectral line observations of HNCO, N2H+, and HNC, we investigate the kinematics of dense gas in the central ∼250 pc of the Galaxy. We present SCOUSE (Semi-automated multi-COmponent Universal Spectral-line fitting ...