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    • The Far-Infrared Radio Correlation at low radio frequency with LOFAR/H-ATLAS 

      Read, Shaun; Smith, Daniel; Gurkan, Gulay; Hardcastle, Martin; Williams, Wendy Louise; Best, P.N.; Brinks, Elias; Calistro-Rivera, Gabriela; Chyzy, K.T.; Duncan, Kenneth J.; Dunne, Loretta; Jarvis, M. J.; Morabito, Leah K.; Prandoni, I.; Rottgering, H. J. A.; Sabater, Jose; Viaene, Sébastien (2018-11-11)
      The radio and far-infrared luminosities of star-forming galaxies are tightly correlated over several orders of magnitude; this is known as the far-infrared radio correlation (FIRC). Previous studies have shown that a host ...
    • Investigating the Unification of LOFAR-detected powerful AGN in the Boötes Field 

      Morabito, Leah K.; Williams, W. L.; Duncan, Kenneth J.; Röttgering, H.~J.~A.; Miley, George; Saxena, Aayush; Barthel, Peter; Best, Philip N.; Bruggen, M.; Brunetti, G.; Chyży, K. T.; Engels, D.; Hardcastle, M. J.; Harwood, J. J.; Jarvis, Matt J.; Mahony, E. K.; Prandoni, I.; Shimwell, Timothy W.; Shulevski, Alexander; Tasse, C. (2017-08-01)
      Low radio frequency surveys are important for testing unified models of radio-loud quasars and radio galaxies. Intrinsically similar sources that are randomly oriented on the sky will have different projected linear sizes. ...
    • Photometric redshifts for the next generation of deep radio continuum surveys - I. Template fitting 

      Duncan, Kenneth J.; Brown, Michael J. I.; Williams, Wendy L.; Best, Philip N.; Buat, Veronique; Burgarella, Denis; Jarvis, Matt J.; Malek, Katarzyna; Oliver, S. J.; Rottgering, Huub J. A.; Smith, Daniel J. B. (2018-01-11)
      We present a study of photometric redshift performance for galaxies and active galactic nuclei detected in deep radio continuum surveys. Using two multiwavelength data sets, over the NOAO Deep Wide Field Survey Boötes and ...