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    • Inter- and intralaboratory variation of in vitro diffusion cell measurements : An international multicenter study using quasi-standardized methods and materials 

      Chilcott, Robert; Barai, N; Beezer, A. E.; Brain, S I; Brown, Marc; Bunge, A L; Burgess, S E; Cross, S; Dalton, C H; Dias, M; Farinha, A; Finnin, B C; Gallagher, S J; Green, D M; Gunt, H; Gwyther, R L; Heard, C.M.; Jarvis, C A; Kamiyama, F; Kasting, G B; Ley, E E; Lim, S T; Mcnaughton, G S; Morris, A; Nazemi, M H; Pellett, M A; Du Plessis, J; Quan, Y S; Raghavan, S L; Roberts, M.; Romonchuk, W; Roper, C S; Schenk, D; Simonsen, L; Simpson, A; Traversa, B D; Trottet, L; Watkinson, A; Williams, F.M.; Wilkinson, S C; Yamamoto, A; Hadgraft, J. (2005-03)
      In vitro measurements of skin absorption are an increasingly important aspect of regulatory studies, product support claims, and formulation screening. However, such measurements are significantly affected by skin variability. ...