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    • Which haloes host Herschel-ATLAS galaxies in the local Universe? 

      Guo, Qi; Cole, Shaun; Lacey, Cedric G.; Baugh, Carlton M.; Frenk, Carlos S.; Norberg, Peder; Auld, R.; Baldry, I.K.; Bamford, S. P.; Bourne, N.; Buttiglione, E. S.; Cava, A.; Cooray, A.; Croom, S.; Dariush, A.; de Zotti, G.; Driver, S.; Dunne, L.; Dye, S.; Eales, S.; Fritz, J.; Hopkins, A.; Hopwood, R.; Ibar, E.; Ivison, R.J.; Jarvis, M.J.; Jones, D. H.; Kelvin, L.; Liske, J.; Loveday, J.; Maddox, S. J.; Parkinson, H.; Pascale, E.; Peacock, J.A.; Pohlen, M.; Prescott, M.; Rigby, E. E.; Robotham, A.; Rodighiero, G.; Sharp, R.; Smith, Daniel; Temi, P.; van Kampen, E. (2011-04)
      We measure the projected cross-correlation between low-redshift (z < 0.5) far-infrared selected galaxies in the science demonstration phase (SDP) field of the Herschel-ATLAS (H-ATLAS) survey and optically selected galaxies ...