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    • Automated interpretation and accessible presentation of technical diagrams for blind people 

      Horstmann, M.; Lorenz, M.; Watkowski, A.; Ioannidis, G.; Herzog, O.; King, A.; Evans, D.G.; Hagen, C.; Schlieder, C.; Burn, Anne-Marie; King, N.; Petrie, H.; Dijkstra, S.; Crombie, D. (2004-12-01)
      The EU-supported TeDUB (Technical Drawings Understanding for the Blind) project is developing a software system that aims to make technical diagrams accessible to blind and visually impaired people. It consists of two ...
    • Cool dwarfs stars from the Torino Observatory Parallax Program 

      Smart, R.L.; Ioannidis, G.; Jones, H.R.A.; Bucciarelli, B.; Lattanzi, M.G. (2010)
      Aims. We investigate and parameterize high proper motion red stars in the Torino Observatory Parallax Program. Methods. Observations of 27 objects were made over the period 1994–2001 on the 1.05 m Torino telescope. The ...
    • UWISH2-the UKIRT Widefield Infrared Survey for H-2 

      Froebrich, D.; Davis, C. J.; Ioannidis, G.; Gledhill, T.; Takami, M.; Chrysostomou, A.; Drew, J.; Eisloeffel, J.; Gosling, A.; Gredel, R.; Hatchell, J.; Hodapp, K. W.; Kumar, M. S. N.; Lucas, P.W.; Matthews, H.; Rawlings, M. G.; Smith, M. D.; Stecklum, B.; Varricatt, W. P.; Lee, H. T.; Teixeira, P. S.; Aspin, C.; Khanzadyan, T.; Karr, J.; Kim, H. -J.; Koo, B. -C.; Lee, J. J.; Lee, Y. -H.; Magakian, T. Y.; Movsessian, T. A.; Nikogossian, E. H.; Pyo, T. S.; Stanke, T. (2011-05)
      We present the goals and preliminary results of an unbiased, near-infrared, narrow-band imaging survey of the first galactic quadrant (10 degrees < l < 65 degrees; -1<file name="mnr_18149_mu1.gif" type="gif"/>3 < b < +1<file ...