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    • The Fornax3D project: Planetary nebulae catalogue and independent distance measurements to Fornax cluster galaxies 

      Spriggs, T. W.; Sarz, M.; Anta, P. M. Galán-de; Napiwotzki, R.; Viaene, S.; Nedelchev, B.; Coccato, L.; Corsini, E. M.; Fahrion, K.; Falcón-Barroso, J.; Gadotti, D. A.; Iodice, E.; Lyubenova, M.; Martín-Navarro, I.; McDermid, R. M.; Morelli, L.; Pinna, F.; Ven, G. van de; Zeeuw, P. T. de; Zhu, L. (2021-09-29)
      Extragalactic planetary nebulae (PNe) offer a way to determine the distance to their host galaxies thanks to the nearly universal shape of the planetary nebulae luminosity function (PNLF). Accurate PNe distance measurements ...