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    • 3.4 Micron Feature on the Shoulder of Ice-Band Absorptions in Three Luminous Young Stellar Objects: IRAS 18511 0146, IRAS 21413 5442, and IRAS 04579 4703 

      Ishii, M.; Nagata, T.; Chrysostomou, A.; Hough, J. (2002-11)
      An absorption feature at 3.4 lm has been detected in the long-wavelength wing of the 3.1 lm H2O ice feature in three young stellar objects: IRAS 18511+0146, IRAS 21413+5442, and IRAS 04579+4703. The profile of the 3.4 lm ...
    • 47 new T dwarfs from the UKIDDS large area survey 

      Burningham, B.; Pinfield, D.J.; Lucas, P.W.; Leggett, S.K.; Deacon, Niall; Tamura, M.; Tinney, C.G.; Lodieu, N.; Zhang, Z.; Huelamo, N.; Jones, H.R.A.; Murray, D.N.; Mortlock, D.J.; Patel, M.; Barrado y Navascues, D.; Zapatero Osorio, M.R.; Ishii, M.; Kuzuhara, M.; Smart, R.L. (2010)
      We report the discovery of 47 new T dwarfs in the Fourth Data Release (DR4) from the Large Area Survey (LAS) of the United Kingdom Infrared Telescope (UKIRT) Infrared Deep Sky Survey with spectral types ranging from T0 to ...
    • 76 T dwarfs from the UKIDSS LAS : benchmarks, kinematics and an updated space density 

      Burningham, B.; Cardoso, C. V.; Smith, Leigh; Leggett, S.K.; Smart, R.L.; Mann, A. W.; Dhital, S.; Lucas, P.W.; Tinney, C.G.; Pinfield, D.J.; Zhang, Z.; Morley, C.; Saumon, D.; Aller, K.; Littlefair, S. P.; Homeier, D.; Lodieu, N.; Deacon, Niall; Marley, M. S.; van Spaandonk, L.; Baker, D.; Allard, F.; Andrei, A.H.; Canty, J.; Clarke, J.; Day-Jones, A. C.; Dupuy, T.; Fortney, J. J.; Gomes, J.; Ishii, M.; Jones, H.R.A.; Liu, M.; Magazzu, A.; Marocco, F.; Murray, D. N.; Rojas-Ayala, B.; Tamura, M. (2013-07)
      We report the discovery of 76 new T dwarfs from the UKIRT Infrared Deep Sky Survey (UKIDSS) Large Area Survey (LAS). Near-infrared broad- and narrow-band photometry and spectroscopy are presented for the new objects, along ...
    • A circumstellar disk associated with a massive protostellar object 

      Jiang, Z.; Tamura, M.; Fukagawa, M.; Hough, J.; Lucas, P.W.; Suto, H.; Ishii, M.; Yang, J. (2005)
    • The properties of the T8.5p dwarf Ross 458C 

      Burningham, B.; Leggett, S.K.; Homeier, D.; Saumon, D.; Lucas, P.W.; Pinfield, D.J.; Tinney, C. G.; Allard, F.; Marley, M. S.; Jones, H.R.A.; Murray, D. N.; Ishii, M.; Day-Jones, A.; Gomes, J.; Zhang, Z. H. (2011-07)
      We present near-infrared photometry and spectroscopy, and warm-Spitzer IRAC photometry of the young very cool T dwarf Ross 458C, which we have typed as T8.5p. By applying the fiducial age constraints (<= 1 Gyr) imposed by ...
    • TRISPEC: A Simultaneous Optical and Near-Infrared Imager, Spectrograph, and Polarimeter 

      Watanabe, M.; Nakaya, H.; Yamamuro, T.; Zenno, T.; Ishii, M.; Okada, M.; Yamazaki, A.; Yamanaka, Y.; Kurita, M.; Kino, M.; Ljiri, R.; Hirao, T.; Nagata, T.; Sato, S.; Kawai, T.; Nakamura, Y.; Sato, T.; Ebizuka, N.; Hough, J.; Chrysostomou, A. (2005)
    • Two T dwarfs from the UKIDSS early data release 

      Kendall, T.R.; Tamura, M.; Tinney, C.G.; Martin, E.L.; Ishii, M.; Pinfield, D.J.; Lucas, P.W.; Jones, H.R.A.; Deacon, Niall (2007)