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    • Astrophysical S-factor for alpha-Capture of (113)In in the p-Process Energy Range 

      Yalcin, C.; Gueray, R. T.; Oezkan, N.; Kutlu, S.; Gyuerky, Gy.; Farkas, J.; Kiss, G. G.; Fueloep, Zs.; Rauscher, T.; Somorjai, E. (American Institute of Physics, 2009)
      The cross sections of (113)In(alpha, gamma)(117)Sb and (113)In(alpha,n)(116)Sb reactions have been measured using the activation method. The experiments were carried out at the ATOMKI cyclotron accelerator in the center ...
    • Odd p isotope In-113 : Measurement of alpha-induced reactions 

      Yalcin, C.; Guray, R. T.; Ozkan, N.; Kutlu, S.; Gyurky, Gy.; Farkas, J.; Kiss, G. G.; Fulop, Zs.; Simon, A.; Somorjai, E.; Rauscher, T. (2009-06)
      One of the few p nuclei with an odd number of protons is In-113. Reaction cross sections of In-113(alpha,gamma)Sb-117 and In-113(alpha,n)Sb-116 have been measured with the activation method at center-of-mass energies between ...