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    • Initial Data Release from the INT Photometric H-alpha Survey of the Northern Galactic Plane (IPHAS) 

      Gonzalez-Solares, E.; Walton, N.A.; Greimel, R.; Drew, J.E.; Irwin, M.J.; Sale, S.E.; Andrews, K.; Aungwerojwit, A.; Barlow, M.J.; van den Besselaar, E.; Corradi, R.L.M.; Gaensicke, B.T.; Groot, P.; Hales, A.; Hopewell, E.C.; Hu, H.; Irwin, J.; Knigge, C.; Lagadec, E.; Leisy, P.; Lewis, J.R.; Mampaso, A.; Matsuura, M.; Moont, B.; Morales-Rueda, L.; Morris, R.A.H.; Naylor, T.; Parker, Q. A.; Prema, P.; Pyrzas, S.; Rixon, G.T.; Rodriguez-Gil, P.; Roelofs, G.; Sabin, L.; Skillen, I.; Suso, J.; Tata, R.; Viironen, K.; Vink, J.S.; Witham, A.; Wright, Nick; Zijlstra, A.A.; Zurita, A.; Drake, J.; Fabregat, J.; Lennon, D.J.; Lucas, P.W.; Martin, E.L.; Phillipps, S.; Steeghs, D.; Unruh, Y.C. (2008)
      The INT/WFC Photometric Hα Survey of the Northern Galactic Plane (IPHAS) is an imaging survey being carried out in Hα, r′ and i′ filters, with the Wide Field Camera (WFC) on the 2.5-m Isaac Newton Telescope (INT) to a depth ...