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    • A rapid systematic review of public responses to health messages encouraging vaccination against infectious diseases in a pandemic or epidemic 

      Lawes-Wickwar, Sadie; Ghio, Daniela; Yee Tang, Mei; Keyworth, Chris; Stanescu, Sabina; Westbrook, Juliette; Jenkinson, Elizabeth; Kassianos, Angelos; Scanlan, Daniel; Garnett, Natalie; Laidlaw, Lynn; Howlett, Neil; Carr, Natalie; Stanulewicz, Natalia; Guest, Ella; Watson, Daniella; Sutherland, Lisa; Byrne-Davis, Lucie; Chater, Angel; Hart, Jo; Armitage, Christopher; Shorter, Gillian; Swanson, Vivien; Epton, Tracy (2021-01-20)
      Public health teams need to understand how the public responds to vaccination messages in a pandemic or epidemic to inform successful campaigns encouraging the uptake of new vaccines as they become available. A rapid ...
    • What influences people’s responses to public health messages for managing risks and preventing infectious diseases? A rapid systematic review of the evidence and recommendations 

      Ghio, Daniela; Lawes-Wickwar, Sadie; Yee Tang, Mei; Epton, Tracy; Howlett, Neil; Jenkinson, Elizabeth; Stanescu, Sabina; Westbrook, Juliette; Kassianos, Angelos; Watson, Daniella; Sutherland, Lisa; Stanulewicz, Natalia; Guest, Ella; Scanlan, Daniel; Carr, Natalie; Chater, Angel; Hothman, Sarah; Thorneloe, Rachel; Armitage, Christopher J; Arden, Madelynne A.; Hart, Jo; Byrne-Davis, Lucie; Keyworth, Christopher (2021-11-11)
      Background Individual behaviour changes, such as hand hygiene and physical distancing, are required on a population scale to reduce transmission of infectious diseases such as COVID-19. However, little is known about ...