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    • Franchising and intellectual capital : A franchisee's perspective 

      Watson, Anna; Stanworth, J. (2006-09-01)
      Various studies have focused on the reasons for franchising. Most studies have concentrated principally on the franchisors' motivations for franchising, with only a few exploring franchising as a route to self-employment. ...
    • Franchising as a small business growth strategy : A resource-based view of organizational development 

      Stanworth, J.; Purdy, D.; Stanworth, C.; Watson, Anna; Healeas, S. (2004-12-01)
      Not only are most franchisees themselves small businesses, but so are many franchisors, particularly in the formative years of their franchise businesses. High turbulence and attrition rates in the formative years of ...
    • Retail franchising : An intellectual capital perspective 

      Watson, Anna; Stanworth, J.; Healeas, S.; Purdy, D.; Stanworth, C. (2005-01)
      Retailers appear to have found franchising to be a valuable means by which to develop their businesses, both domestically and abroad. In the UK franchising accounts for approximately one-third of all retail sales (Franchise ...