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    • Star formation in quasar hosts and the origin of radio emission in radio-quiet quasars 

      Zakamska, N.~L.; Lampayan, K.; Petric, A.; Dicken, D.; Greene, J.~E.; Heckman, T.~M.; Hickox, R.~C.; Ho, L.~C.; Krolik, J.~H.; Nesvadba, N.~P.~H.; Strauss, M.~A.; Geach, J.~E.; Oguri, M.; Strateva, I.~V. (2016-02-01)
      Radio emission from radio-quiet quasars may be due to star formation in the quasar host galaxy, to a jet launched by the supermassive black hole, or to relativistic particles accelerated in a wide-angle radiatively driven ...