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    • GRB 090902B: afterglow observations and implications 

      Pandey, S.B.; Swenson, C.A.; Perley, D.A.; Guidorzi, C.; Wiersema, K.; Malesani, D.; Akerlof, C.; Ashley, M.C.B.; Bersier, D.; Cano, Z.; Gomboc, A.; Ilyin, I.; Jakobsson, P.; Kleiser, I.K.W.; Kobayashi, S.; Kouveliotou, C.; Levan, A.; McKay, T.A.; Melandri, A.; Mottram, C.J.; Mundell, C.G.; O'Brien, P.T.; Phillips, A.; Rex, J.M.; Siegel, M.H.; Smith, R.J.; Steele, I.A.; Stratta, G.; Tanvir, N.; Weights, D.; Yost, S.A.; Yuan, F.; Zheng, W. (2010)
      The optical-infrared afterglow of the Large Area Telescope (LAT)-detected long-duration burst, GRB 090902B, has been observed by several instruments. The earliest detection by ROTSE-IIIa occurred 80 minutes after detection ...