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    • Ethnic differences in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest among Middle Eastern Arabs and North African populations living in Qatar 

      Irfan, Furqan B.; Castren, Maaret; Bhutta, Zain A.; George, Pooja; Qureshi, Isma; Thomas, Stephen H.; Pathan, Sameer A.; Alinier, Guillaume; Shaikh, Loua A.; Suwaidi, Jassim A.; Singh, Rajvir; Shuaib, Ashfaq; Tariq, Tooba; McKenna, William J.; Cameron, Peter A.; Djarv, Therese (2021-04-26)
      Aims: There are very few studies comparing epidemiology and outcomes of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) in different ethnic groups. Previous ethnicity studies have mostly determined OHCA differences between African ...